Stepping into new energy spaces

Photo courtesy of Joline Torres on Unsplash

As I’ve mentioned previously in my “A look ahead to July 31st” update and again in my “What’s in the air for August 2019” update, many are moving into new energetic spaces in New Earth this month. However, the number of people going through this process right now are very high…perhaps millions. I don’t truly know the numbers but this is a massive undertaking by the Universe at this time.

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July 22-23…pushing through to new earth again

Photo courtesy of Eugene Triguba at Unsplash

The dates I was watching next for some sort of energetic action was the 22-23rd. I get a clue about the dates ahead of time but oftentimes I don’t know what it’s about until just before or during the day of…sometimes after the fact.

For starters, you’re likely going to see some more truths shining through personally and globally. You may also learn about a new skill set or have more clarity about your next action steps. Your next step may be attempting to blend in with your present reality much like those bigger dreams did earlier in the month.

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July 17th energy update – new abilities and dream crushers

Photo courtesy of Simone Dalmeri on Unsplash

I’ve seen a lot happen in the last few weeks. I’ve watched the dream go from mediocre to “Yes, I totally want that“.

We all went through an expansion of our thoughts, ideas and dreams as I mentioned in my July Outlook. It was to show us what is possible. But some may have been too scared and others can’t wait to get started.

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Week of June 23-29

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Leonard at Unsplash

We are coming off some pretty intense energies of last week. We had three energy downloads in one day…that’s how intense things were. Plus we had a full moon and the summer solstice.

You may not have known which end was up and you likely questioned everything. Perhaps you were exhausted, energized or both all at once. This also happens when we process the light coming in…which there’s been A LOT of it lately.

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