What’s “in the air” for August 2019

Photo courtesy of hpgruesen on Pixabay

I’ve decided to rename my energy outlooks to “What’s in the air“. The reason is because I read the energy that’s literally floating around in the air and because my guides suggested it. 😁

The theme for August is upgrades. These upgrades come as many ascend to higher frequency levels caused by a move into new energetic spaces. Of course the move comes courtesy of the Universe.

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July 22-23…pushing through to new earth again

Photo courtesy of Eugene Triguba at Unsplash

The dates I was watching next for some sort of energetic action was the 22-23rd. I get a clue about the dates ahead of time but oftentimes I don’t know what it’s about until just before or during the day of…sometimes after the fact.

For starters, you’re likely going to see some more truths shining through personally and globally. You may also learn about a new skill set or have more clarity about your next action steps. Your next step may be attempting to blend in with your present reality much like those bigger dreams did earlier in the month.

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Photo courtesy of John Hain at Pixabay

When you resist something it’s because you are afraid of it because it’s your truth. Many have been scared to face their truths for fear that others won’t like them. Yet when you resist making changes your world can be turned upside down in order to get you to see what’s going on.

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Recap for week of June 7th

Photo courtesy of Myles Tan on Unsplash

There’s been a lot of insight taking place this week as we once again shifted the energies forward. Because of that, today was our day to process it all through the layers. You may have felt tired or wired or both, also hungrier than usual.

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June 2019 energies

Photo courtesy of Foundry on Pixabay

Can you feel the change in the months? June is definitely taking a stance in the sense it’s time to lay the ground rules for yourself and those around you. It’s time to put those boundaries in place and let people know that you’re not going to tolerate their nonsense anymore. So we’ve got a few major themes taking place.

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