Symptoms from the energy shifting

Photo courtesy of Shingo_No on Pixabay

Since the beginning of August, I have been sleeping better than I have in a long time. I attribute this to my diet change but also the energies have been really volatile this month too. That I attribute to the moves into the new energy spaces.

So getting lots of sleep and feeling especially tired can be playing out in your life…as too can insomnia. Everyone processes energy differently so you’re either sleeping a lot or not much at all.

Also…illness or injuries are playing a factor in holding many in position…this is due to the massive shifting that is currently underway. I managed to catch a cold that I can’t get rid of…in the middle of August…go figure.

Something else showing up…expect plans to crumble at the last minute or to not go as you thought they would. Expect the unexpected because when the Universe needs you to stay put they certainly find a way to block you. Just today my efforts to plan a day trip were thwarted by:

  1. my cold
  2. the vehicle we were taking broke down
  3. the friend that was going to help fix the vehicle…well his car broke down too.

Needless to say the day trip isn’t happening.

But these are things you can encounter especially if you haven’t arrived in your new energy space yet. It’s maddening to say the least because you can tell you’re being held back. But we must trust in the overall plan…which right now is to have everyone that’s part of this transition moved into their new energy spaces by August 31st.

Who’s ready for September already?

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