Asking your guides for help

Photo courtesy of J.W. Vein on Pixabay

I’ve had a couple of interesting things happen over the last few weeks having to do with my guides. You see sometimes I get caught up in the energy or the moment and I get a little mad at the Universe. I mean c’mon who doesn’t?

When things don’t go right or I feel held back for too long I sometimes try to quit the process. I usually blurt out something that resembles “it’s my turn” or “if you do this I’ll do this“. Like I could give the Universe an ultimatum?! I can’t negotiate either…it’s a moot point.

But when I get hung up in the energy because a lot of the times it’s something I’ve picked up and haven’t realized it yet…my guides often try to get me to summon them. They’ll say, “Ask for help.” And I’m like why should I?

When I ignore them they will send me signs that get me to ask them. For instance, I picked up a black pepper jar off a shelf that had another one stuck to it. Before I could even get my other hand out to remove it, the jar was already making its way to the floor. Yep, shattered the glass into smithereens and there were black peppercorns everywhere. I tried moving it myself with my foot but ultimately I had to go ask for help. Funny right?!

The problem by me not asking for help is that I will get stuck. And it’s very true that if you want your angels and guides to help you…you must ask them to. You have to invite them in.

Even if you mumble it and don’t really mean it…it’s still a call for help. Which is what I did. Right afterwards I heard a song playing in the store that had the lyrics of “it’s not always about you“. Which made me chuckle because I do know that. Ultimately it’s about me writing this article for you…see how that works?

Anyways, sometimes we get wrapped up in our own dramas or pick up other people’s energetic stuff that we can’t see clearly. Sometimes the energy downloads get to be too much and we can suffer from energy overload. We can also short circuit when around negative energies too much or too often.

This is why it’s very important that when you feel yourself starting to crash or do a downward spiral for whatever reason, that you ask your spirit team for help. It’s as simple as saying, “Please help me” or “I need help.”

Asking for help takes courage. It takes getting over the stigma that you somehow failed because you didn’t. Everyone needs assistance and guidance, myself included. So don’t be afraid to ask your spirit team for help because they are sitting there watching you struggle, just waiting for you to ask them to help you out. They are here to support your journey to help you grow, heal and evolve.

And soon as the invitation is extended, they get to work on your behalf. And shortly thereafter, you’ll understand what’s going on and you’ll feel better too.

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