Stepping into new energy spaces

Photo courtesy of Joline Torres on Unsplash

As I’ve mentioned previously in my “A look ahead to July 31st” update and again in my “What’s in the air for August 2019” update, many are moving into new energetic spaces in New Earth this month. However, the number of people going through this process right now are very high…perhaps millions. I don’t truly know the numbers but this is a massive undertaking by the Universe at this time.

And I can always tell when the shifts are about to happen into the new energetic spaces because I suddenly get into situations where I’m unable to get anywhere. I get stuck no matter what I do or where I go and it’s maddening.

For instance, today I ran an errand. When I left to go home the traffic was backed up ridiculously…it was at a snail’s pace. So I turned around and went another way…which was also backed up because of an accident. Though it moved along a bit faster than a snail’s pace, it was two lanes merging into one in order to get through.

That’s when I realized this is what happens during these shifts. You get all of these people trying to get through to their new energy spaces and it becomes log jammed and backed up for miles as everyone tries to get through all at once. You can now see why this process will take the remainder of the month.

This is also why many people may be feeling completely disconnected, fed up with waiting, tired, irritable, done with it already, etc. This is because you’re waiting for your turn to proceed.

You may be quite literally stuck in traffic as you attempt to move forward into your new space. Luckily there are people there waiving everyone through (I am one)..much like police do at construction sites and accidents. Once you’ve made your way through, these feelings will subside…unless it’s still not your turn yet.

And by the way, I’m not the only one assisting people through but we are the last to go. Our turn is on the 31st because everyone that we help will have gone through by then. Just so you know, many roles will change because of this.

So if you’ve been having a really rough time energetically, this is why. There are so many people pushing through to New Earth this month that it’s rather difficult to not feel impatient.

The next push through is the 11-12th. Then the 16-18th, 22-24th and the final one on the 31st. This is really big stuff. New Earth is a place of purpose, love, passion, peace, creativity, abundance and so much more. It’s a place where the density of the third dimension (3D) no longer exists.

This is happening my friends so don’t worry if you’re feeling high anxiety or if you can’t muster up the strength to get much done right now. Everything is exactly as it needs to be.

Everyone that has signed up for this mission is pushing through. Many have already been given their keys to move forward. Those that aren’t will either push through at a later date or simply not at all…that’s their choice. Many may choose to depart from earth too. This is a very big transition yet we are fully supported by the Universe, our guides, angels and spirit teams.

Keep up the good work everyone! The energy will get lighter or less intense once you’ve moved into your new energetic space.

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4 thoughts on “Stepping into new energy spaces

  1. Thank you for this! I have been waiting in line all week. I very rarely have to wait, and usually, if I do have to wait, I am fine with it. This week I was feeling very impatient. I fixed it, but this now makes sense.

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