August 8th energy portal

Photo courtesy of Robert Nyman on Unsplash

Welcome to the August 8th energy portal…also known as a gateway. And how perfect that I received this channeled message this morning…

“I have been working for you, through you and now within you.” Jesus

Just goes to show you the power that you have within yourselves…for once you tap into your truth you will see that.

Have you ever seen a cloud covered sky suddenly have an opening where there’s blue sky or the sun shines through momentarily? That’s what this portal is like.

It’s a day to connect to the Universe, to the stars, to heaven above, to spirit, to all that is, to your truth and to the overall plan. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with what’s important.

It’s a chance to see clearly, a time to receive insight and clarity, a time to take on more light, a time to see your truth…perhaps everything all at once.

You may feel your energy super charged…as if you just had a shot of double espresso but it lasts all day. Or you could feel very sleepy depending on how you process energy. This can last for up to 24-48 hours before and after. The energy can also feel lighter and happier.

It’s a powerful moment as the opening allows for new creations of higher energetic frequencies. This would be the day to jot down ideas, thoughts, insights, feelings, beliefs or anything else that comes to mind. It’s also a good day to release your fears into the Universe’s hands. Simply allow the energy of the portal to wash over you and see what happens.

It’s a day that will bring healing for days and weeks to come. It’s about love, passion and purpose. So if you’re inspired today you now know why.

The effects of this gateway will last for many months much like the eclipses do. It brings with it action steps and forward movement…or at least plants the seeds of change.

And how magnificent is it that this comes during a month where so many are moving into new energetic spaces. You can see how divinely perfect this plan actually is. You can begin to see that the Universe is truly working in tandem with each and every one of us for the greater good.

So enjoy this portal as more light is received on the planet and more darkness gets revealed. Do not be afraid for fear only keeps the dark trapped. Allow everything to unfold as it should knowing that you are all here to assist in the overall plan of bringing light, love and peace to earth…even if you can’t quite see it yet, know that it’s there.

Our next energetic action takes place in 3 days on the 11th-12th. This will bring the next group of people into their new energy spaces. Lots of shifting and transitions this month so stay tuned and stay grounded. 😊

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