What’s in the air for August 3rd

©2019 LuciRusso.com

It seems that at the beginning of every month, the energy always seems to be intense. You always hope that a new month will feel better but we always manage to enter it in a rather bumpy sort of way.

Considering that we entered August in a new moon, with Mercury now direct and with people moving into new energy spaces makes it a little tricky right now. Perhaps you don’t know which end is up. This will pass.

I also keep seeing baby robins breaking free from their nests. Just the other day I watched one jump off a lower tree limb onto the ground and hop away. I encountered another one this morning. This one was walking around too…while the mother watches nearby.

The theme with this is that these babies haven’t learned to use their wings yet but they will. Moving into new energetic spaces is a lot like these baby birds. When the time is right you will fly…and you will soar. For now it’s about upgrading your energetic space and anything else that needs it currently. Know that the first round has happened and has been completed.

©2019 lucirusso.com

Just like I mentioned in my What’s “in the air” for August 2019 update, I’ve noticed an increase in sirens particularly just after the first wave…within 24 hours. It’s a little quieter today.

The next date I’m watching for energetic action is August 8th. Try not to forget to take care of yourself first. Rest when you’re tired, say no when you don’t want to do something and keep your personal boundaries in check.

Keep checking back here for more updates.

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