What’s “in the air” for August 2019

Photo courtesy of hpgruesen on Pixabay

I’ve decided to rename my energy outlooks to “What’s in the air“. The reason is because I read the energy that’s literally floating around in the air and because my guides suggested it. 😁

The theme for August is upgrades. These upgrades come as many ascend to higher frequency levels caused by a move into new energetic spaces. Of course the move comes courtesy of the Universe.

With upgrades comes the need to replace material things. For instance, my old juicer bit the dust and now I’m going to upgrade to one that is multifunctional…one that can juice wheatgrass and make nut butters at low temperatures.

It’s not just about upgrading material items but also your natural abilities. Perhaps you could only connect to spirit here and there…now you’re going to connect more often. Maybe you’ve seen something you could do but lacked the motivation to do it. Now you’ll be able to.

In all fairness, things may start off a little slow as we move into our new energetic spaces. As with any type of “move” you must get acclimated to the space, arrange the furniture, unpack the boxes and make it feel like home….perhaps putting pictures on the wall, hanging up curtains, etc.

While this move isn’t exactly like that…you do need to adjust to your new energy frequency. When the frequency goes up it also raises the level that you vibrate on. This causes things to break. You may stub a toe or two or bump into things more often until you adjust.

This will also be the time where you’ll notice a big divide, also known as an energy gap or big hole, between those of lower versus those of higher frequencies. It’ll just be glaringly obvious. Just remember that everyone learns in their own time and at their own pace.

But this type of move has an outward ripple effect. It will effect everyone around you. Which then helps push the new tribe agenda by releasing from old tribes. This can show up in several ways. You may start to feel the parting of ways with certain people. You may not resonate with family or friends anymore. You may be finally ready to break it off with someone. The list goes on…

If you live in an apartment complex or a community of people, you’ll notice people coming and going…people moving out and people moving in. You may also notice more ambulances, fire trucks and police cars with their lights on because there’s more activity taking place.

After you’ve adjusted to your new space, you will learn exactly what needs to happen, what needs to go, what needs to begin and what steps to take to move forward. You may get new ideas or bring an old project to the forefront.

It will be easier to connect to your true self so you’ll be able to see with clarity… something that has been lacking at times. You’ll have a renewed strength and courage to do what needs to be done…all for your real purpose here.

Because of the new spaces you’re moving into…this can facilitate the process of moving your physical location as well. This is as it needs to be. This can also come on rather suddenly. This is an ongoing theme.

For instance, you may get a bill in the mail that you don’t know how to pay. Perhaps all the bills are piling up and you can’t seem to get ahead. When suddenly an offer out of the blue comes along that can change your living situation to help you get caught up and to save money…and to save your sanity.

But let me remind you that if an offer doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, then wait for another offer…there are plenty of opportunities so you won’t miss anything. Just follow your heart and you’ll do just fine.

Any ideas you’ve had that seemed to be random may now begin to make sense. The pieces of the puzzle and your upgrades are timed accordingly. Always remember that there is a much bigger plan in place.

The dates in August to watch for energetic action are as follows:

August 1, 8, 11-12, 16-18, 22-24, 31.

These dates are tied into the waves of people moving into their new energetic spaces. On these dates you may find something in your life gets an upgrade. It’s a day when an offer or an opportunity can present itself. Plus it can also include energy downloads where you take in more light. And these are dates where you can learn a truth about yourself, someone around you or from out in the world.

As you can see, energetically there is a lot going on in August. People will likely seem preoccupied with what needs to be done. Don’t take it personally if people say that they have “a lot on their plate” this month. They’re not lying.

Here’s something interesting…we’ve got a new moon to start the month with on the 1st-2nd. Then we end the month with another new moon on the 30th-31st. The full moon is the 16th.

New moons represent new beginnings. How appropriate that this month, out of all of the months, we have two new moons to coincide with our new spaces. This should help deliver some much needed forward movement…finally. It’s a month to break free that’s for sure.

The energy should feel a lot lighter this month too. I can already sense the change by way of inner peace. I’m sure we’ll have our moments but August already feels different on many levels.

If you’re not feeling like you’re moving forward, or opportunities aren’t presenting themselves, then you may not be part of this group at this time. Back in June, I wrote an article called “Which group are you in?” This article described how people were being divided into two groups and the reasons why.

Also, I’m getting the sense that this upgrade we’re getting now is not just going to happen in one fell swoop. It’s going to happen in waves and continue throughout the month of August with the final wave due to push through on August 31st.

Welcome to your new energetic homes. A place where you can decorate the way you see fit. It’s a place where new beginnings happen and your true purpose begins to shine through. August will inspire you and renew your faith. It’s go time for a lot of people this month.

Be sure to follow me on MeWe, Twitter or Facebook for more updates as we go throughout the month. And remember to have fun out there. August is set to be a game changer and even more changes are coming for September to October. 😊

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