Eclipse theme July 2019

Photo courtesy of Randy McGuire on Pixabay

My July Energy Outlook was written in two parts. At one point I thought it should be divided into two separate articles but I kept it as one. I’m now making them two.

The reason being is because the eclipse theme needs a post on its own as the message is important. I feel that many are going through this now or about to.

The eclipse theme is centered around family and new beginnings. And it’s more about the family you energetically connect with rather than who you think family is at this moment in time.

You see your family now may be based on karmic contracts. Those contracts are in the process of dissolving and big changes will be happening within the next 3-6 months on this front.

In other words, for many people the family dynamic is going to be changing and for some…drastically. People are going to be headed in new directions. This is as it should be and is required at this time. Allow things to play out accordingly. You may also feel the need to do some cord cutting. Follow your guidance on this.

As the eclipses are bringing forth your new tribes…aka family, they are also releasing from old tribes. It’s who you’re energetically aligned with is what’s important now. It does not mean that your family presently won’t come back around again…it’s just everyone needs to evolve in their own way, time and space. That’s the division taking place and the reasons why.

During the last few weeks of June you may have gotten glimpses of the new people coming into your life. Or perhaps you were able to sense the changes coming. This is all to bring you happiness and joy and to help support your journey and purpose in phase two.

During this last half of July, you may be seeing signs of the impending departures. Someone may say something to you that suddenly makes you sense a big energy gap between you. They may not like something that you stand for or are about…and that’s ok. Everyone is learning and growing at a pace that is right for them.

So you can see that the eclipse theme is about tribe/family and your connections to them. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll be taking the necessary action steps to help facilitate the meeting of your new tribe.

There is truly always a reason for everything. But even though the thought of a new tribe coming in is exciting, it’s also sad at the same time as people go in different directions…sometimes rather suddenly.

Eclipses can also mean “expect the unexpected”. So stay open to all possibilities now. Just be sure to use your feelings as a navigational tool to tell you what feels right and what doesn’t. Go your own way. Don’t do something out of fear or because others want you to do it. Do it because it feels right for you.

Also, the eclipses have managed to help merge future moments with current ones. For instance, while I was out walking next to a river, I suddenly got transported to a moment where I’m walking a beach. This is getting you ready for what’s up ahead.

The thought used to be that if you can picture yourself in that life then you can manifest it. Except this time the Universe is helping you by suddenly revealing those moments…so you don’t even have to try, it’ll just come to you effortlessly.

Know that eclipses tend to push their agenda within 3-6 months and definitely within a year. So get ready because these changes are already in process and you’ll see more of it as we head towards September, October and November.

The next eclipses are a solar eclipse on December 26th and a lunar eclipse on January 10th, 2020. I find that interesting that the eclipses are split between this year and next.

You can find me on social media for more regular energy updates. Also check back on my site as I’m apt to write up articles for the longer messages and deeper meanings behind it.

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