July 27th update

Photo courtesy of Ferdinand Stöhr at Unsplash

Just a heads up…with this energy upgrade that’s about to take place on July 31st, you may find more people veering into your lane, cutting in front of you, bumping into you, annoying you, crowding you, etc.

You may also experience people being confused…it’s a lot like what happens around the full moon. They’ll go into a lane, put their blinker on and then suddenly at the last second decide to stay on the road instead of taking the exit.

The timeframe of the 27th-31st is what I keep getting as “prep mode”. It’s to prepare you for this next shift about to take place. You may feel like you want to do something but feel held back at the same time.

It’s also common right now to feel like you can’t take anymore. You may experience sudden fatigue and may sleep longer. You may need more downtime now. I slept about ten hours last night which for me is unheard of.

People are making choices again at various levels so there’s a lot of chaos and confusion in the air. As long as you follow your intuition and your heart and don’t allow fear or others opinions to interfere with your journey, you’ll be just fine.

I’ve been reminded repeatedly to “go your own way”. This is very important now that we are about to bump up. You can choose the next level or you can choose to stay where you’re at. No matter what you choose it’s right for you.

But this is definitely more of a choice by the Universe. Meaning, whatever your plan is…you are moving forward with it either willingly or kicking and screaming. And I say this because it’s time to step up to the plate and fulfill your roles that you agreed to do here. The Universe simply assists you with that process.

With this particular upgrade to our energetic spaces we do obtain more light. Which you would think would make us more visible but the reality is that this causes a big divide between people. It becomes a huge gap and the difference will be noticeable. But it’s all based on energetic frequency.

You see if you’re a higher frequency then the people with the lower frequencies often can’t see you because you in a sense “blind” them.

As time goes on and they catch up in frequencies, then they’ll see you but until then they simply can’t. Yet the people in the higher frequencies can see everyone.

This also effects the tribes I’ve been speaking about. This upgrade will ultimately push the release from the old tribe and welcome the new tribe agenda even further because we all need to be around people that can see us, support us and love us for us.

Get ready as we shift forward in a few days, on July 31st, to our new energetic spaces. This may also cause a changing of the guard for some people. It will definitely effect your purpose in a big way. Rest now while you can because this is an ongoing theme into August.

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