A look ahead to July 31st

Photo courtesy of Erda Estremera on Unsplash

I’m getting early indications that on July 31st we are getting an energy upgrade…finally. What does this mean?

Back in my Energy Update for March 2019, I spoke about a dream that I had that “involved family members. We were all moving in together into this new space that was empty (cleared). I started to move my stuff in but then had to move back to my old space as the new space needed some upgrades like granite countertops and a proper ventilation system.

This means that many will be holding in their old space for a bit longer while your new space is being upgraded and made ready for you to move into it.

We’ve been in a holding pattern in the old energy space and now we’re moving into our new energy spaces starting on July 31st. This is very good news.

Expect things to suddenly line up for you. Expect upgrades in your life that so needed it. Expect new opportunities to present themselves. And expect miracles over the coming months.

For instance, just today I was offered a web hosting deal that I simply couldn’t pass up. It was a huge bump in amenities at half the price. I’m also in the process of upgrading my car because the funds showed up and because it’s long overdue.

Synchronicities will be happening for those moving forward…especially now that we’ve just had another push forward to the new earth. What appeared stuck before is now going to break free. You’ll find that whatever has expired in your life will leave rather quickly. This will also be the theme for August…”forward movement”.

While we go through plenty of ups and downs because of the energy downloads and shifts that occur with them…we’ve finally broken free to the next level…the one we’ve been preparing for for quite some time. Are you ready to show the world who you truly are? It is indeed time.

UPDATE on July 29th…I’m getting the sense that this upgrade we’re getting on the 31st is not just in one fell swoop. It’s going to happen in waves and continue throughout the month of August with the final wave due to push through on August 31st.

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