July 22-23…pushing through to new earth again

Photo courtesy of Eugene Triguba at Unsplash

The dates I was watching next for some sort of energetic action was the 22-23rd. I get a clue about the dates ahead of time but oftentimes I don’t know what it’s about until just before or during the day of…sometimes after the fact.

For starters, you’re likely going to see some more truths shining through personally and globally. You may also learn about a new skill set or have more clarity about your next action steps. Your next step may be attempting to blend in with your present reality much like those bigger dreams did earlier in the month.

But I also need to issue a heads up as we are getting a push forward to the new earth again and some people’s lives are really blowing up in front of them…again 😬 …actually this has been a recurring theme for many this month and it will continue until everyone is on board the light train. At least all of those that have “bringing in and holding light” as part of their mission…and ones that have chosen to awaken.

Today while I was sitting in my car, I was approached by a guy with a very long story wanting at first directions, then he spotted my earbuds around my neck. He wanted to use my phone to call his friend, then the shop that his car was in which was where he was headed. Yet I got the distinct impression that he wanted a ride. As for using my phone I told him, “I’m sorry I’d rather not“.

He was fully engulfed in his story and he jumped from one topic to the next…he even managed to tell me that the police told him that the shop his car was in was a mile down the road and that he couldn’t walk the highway to get there. I’m kind of wondering why they didn’t give him a ride though.

At this point I had to ask my guides to get him to leave. And he did. It was truly an uncomfortable situation as my gut kept kicking me which is why I only put my window down a few inches…not to mention that there was a huge energy mismatch. I instantly knew that I was not to partake in his drama at all. It wasn’t part of either of our plans. Thank you to my guides for sending him on his way.

This is what’s happening now too…it’s become rather unbearable to be around people of lower energy frequencies. They are just too involved in their victim roles because they don’t know any better yet.

Honestly, years ago I would’ve been the first person to jump on the “help someone out” bandwagon. But there’s a difference between helping someone get an item off a shelf that they can’t reach and someone who’s life is in a downward spiral because they caused it.

The moral of the story…keep your boundaries up and stand strong in your truth. At times all we can do for people is pray that they find their way. Often times people choose the chaos, drama and the rapid unraveling as the beginning of their awakening.

So let’s be proud for everyone that has the courage to go through this internal process. It’s not easy getting there but it is worth it once you find, see and live in your truth.

The next dates I’m watching are the 27th and 31st. Stay tuned…

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