A spirit visitation with a Texas connection

Photo courtesy of 贝莉儿 NG, @danist07 on Unsplash

After writing an article this morning I closed my eyes to go back to sleep and something happened. I got a visit from a man in spirit. This isn’t the first time that spirit has reached out but it is the first time in this way. So I’m going to throw this out there with the details that I have been given.

This man is a grandfather. While I can’t really see his face it’s his clothes that really stick out to me. He’s wearing a red plaid shirt, perhaps flannel, light colored blue jeans and brown cowboy boots with brown etchings around the top that I think are stars. But he’s also wearing this really big white/off white cowboy hat on his head. It’s really the first thing you notice due to the size. He’s on the thin side too. Whoever he is…I feel that he’s from Texas…wants to let his granddaughter know that he’s ok. That’s all the details he’s offering up so I’m throwing this out there…and the fact that he reminds me of Sam Elliot.

UPDATE: After I posted this article I kept getting the letter K…Kayla?

I don’t know if this is something that I’ll be doing more of or not but I’m putting it out there in the hopes that this message will find her. I feel that his clothing is very significant and she’ll know it’s him by the description…especially that hat. 😊

While I wish I had more information like a name, spirit isn’t always forthcoming. For me they show me what’s significant for them so I don’t get to pick and choose what comes up. Interesting that this happened on the 22nd…the next date I was watching for energetic action. Perhaps you’ll be picking up a new skill set today or having more courage to be yourself.

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