Lightbearers called into service

Photo courtesy of Seth Doyle at Unsplash

On July 16th while I was out walking, I felt the need to energetically call all the children of the earth to me to reclaim them just as I had summoned lightworkers back on Halloween.

“What do I mean by reclaiming? It’s simply calling their energy back to us where our light can transform their darkness in terms of energy. So energetically we’ve brought them “home” so they could continue to live out their purpose here. And so they could heal.”

I also called forth (invoked) all other light bearers to step forward to shine your light so that these children could find you as well. They need to know that we are here for them when they need us. They need to see us for we give them hope.

This is part of our journey…protecting them from the darkness and energetically clearing it for them. So if you felt called into service recently…this would be why.

And just 24 hours later, as I went to close my eyes for the night I started to see some disturbing images. Of course I just open my eyes to stop seeing it but it leaves a lasting impression.

Since I haven’t really looked into this and my guides have not exactly informed me yet to how this works…I’m just going to deliver the message that the pedophilia energy has increased significantly since then.

While I am aware that this can be a form of programming and mind control through manipulation of energy…I don’t know much else about it at this time. What I do know is that by reclaiming the children’s energy it has offered them some protection.

In the coming days you may see this play out in the news more than usual…at least for those that actually report the truth.

Sometimes what we see and do here on Earth is not easy, but we must step up and do what is asked of us by trusting our spirit team when we are guided to do something. It’s important work and we were chosen to do it because they knew we’d be successful at it and because it’s part of a much greater plan.

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