July 17th energy update – new abilities and dream crushers

Photo courtesy of Simone Dalmeri on Unsplash

I’ve seen a lot happen in the last few weeks. I’ve watched the dream go from mediocre to “Yes, I totally want that“.

We all went through an expansion of our thoughts, ideas and dreams as I mentioned in my July Outlook. It was to show us what is possible. But some may have been too scared and others can’t wait to get started.

One of the things coming up for me over the past month or so is my ability to touch something and suddenly get transported to a future moment.

For instance, I was out walking and someone was walking their dog who stopped next to me and waited for me to pet her. I always ask before doing so because some people don’t like it or they can be training them.

Anyways, I was having a rough day and animals instinctively know these things. So the moment I started petting her I was suddenly in a future instance where I was with a dog walking the property line. I’ve always said that I would get a big dog especially to protect family and property.

This tells me that our natural abilities are really starting to show themselves. And that our futures are merging with our present realities…still. I thought that might be a short lived thing but the future is really trying to become the present.

It’s also very important that you go your own way. What I see happening a lot is having your dream get crushed….then the anger surfaces. Anger tells you that you’ve somehow settled or more likely had an expectation of how things would turn out. This happens when you expect things to go a certain way or happen in a particular order…when you expect a certain outcome. Learn to let the details of how it should happen go.

Let me add this…just because you can’t see how to obtain what you want, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for something less. And it doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen either. It’s a thing called trust. Trust in your overall plan. Trust in the Universe and trust that you’ll know exactly what to do and when.

In the new earth, the way to move around in your life is through how things feel. You use your intuition and your feelings as a navigational tool to make decisions as only you know what’s best for you.

When you tell other people about your dreams and they crush them saying, “Well I don’t see you doing that” or “it’s not safe” or whatever else they may say…it’s because they can’t see themselves doing what you’re about to do. And this can cause confusion…which is happening a lot right now.

Are there steps to get to your dreams? Yes, of course. But you can’t try to go back to using old methods to obtain them. Like working 80 hour work weeks to try to save money. You need to be doing things that bring you joy and make you happy. When you do that, more happy just automatically appears and what you need follows.

In the new earth, life stems from passion and taking the appropriate steps at just the right time. It’s about waiting for your opportunity to present itself by listening to your cues. It’s about saying no to all the wrong offers because you’re waiting for the right one. It’s about casting the naysayers aside knowing that what you desire is coming.

I think perhaps one of the reasons why the future is merging with the present is because you need to be prepared but also, you need to feel it. It’s like trying it on for size. You need to get used to these new creations that are about to surface.

One of the things I’ve mentioned this past week is how what’s happening now is tied back to the 2015 eclipses. What were you doing? What was going on? What were you trying to accomplish that didn’t work out? What choice did you ultimately make?

There are two roads being presented…the “safe” one and the “out of comfort zone” one. What happened in 2015 is the past but the theme is the same. It’s a completion of a cycle…perhaps a lesson, karma or both. If you look at your needs now compared to then…you may see something very different in an evolved sort of way.

If your theme is about family, it’s likely your new tribe is calling you to them. With this you may end up moving…new state or even new country. Allow your intuition to guide you and let the fears go. Besides, aren’t you kind of at the point now where who cares about fears?? I know I am.

It’s time to go your own way so be careful about who you tell your future plans to because they may not understand you. Do what’s right for you because you know that’s the key to your own happiness.

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2 thoughts on “July 17th energy update – new abilities and dream crushers

  1. So many people are realizing the system doesn’t work as many beautiful solutions are being born.
    Personally, 2015 had to do with freedom as I received a nudge from Source to let go of certain people.
    Always returning my focus to joy and the rainbows we can bridge.
    That was an uplifting reading, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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