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When you resist something it’s because you are afraid of it because it’s your truth. Many have been scared to face their truths for fear that others won’t like them. Yet when you resist making changes your world can be turned upside down in order to get you to see what’s going on.

Sometimes people choose the hard way and take the long way around. Others see it instantly while others can be somewhere in between.

Here’s the thing…what you resist keeps coming back at you over and over again. It’ll keep showing up until you make a different choice.

For example, let’s say you’re a woman that consistently attracts married or unavailable men to you. You start to think that you’re a magnet for them. But you choose to go out with them anyways knowing that they are unavailable on some level. And then you get your heart broken and you wonder why.

What’s happened in this scenario is that you have indicated that you don’t deserve better. You’ve settled for less so that’s all you’re going to get. You haven’t actually figured out that you’re worth more. So what you believe you deserve is exactly what you’re going to get.

You’re resisting or blocking your truth…the fact that you are worthy of someone better. Of course there are all kinds of reasons why you feel this way about yourself. But until you see what’s happening the pattern will continue to repeat itself until you realize that you do deserve better and then you actually believe it. Because once you believe it, you are equipped to make better choices. Better choices equals stronger boundaries.

When you resist you are literally fighting against that which you think you cannot control. So what can you control?

You can control how you react. You can say no because it goes against what you believe in. You can make a very different choice…like walking away from someone who can’t give you what you need.

A married man is never going to be available to you no matter what you think. Because the reality is…he is going home to someone else every night of the week.

That’s the other part of resistance…not seeing the reality of it all. When you’re in an illusion your fears are getting the best of you. In this same scenario you may be afraid to be alone or think you’re too old to get anyone else. So you take what’s in your direct view which is then resisting any other possibilities that may be a better match for you.

It’s really all about your perception of things. When you’re able to see what you’re resisting, then the doors of opportunity will open. But until such time, the doors remain closed because you haven’t learned the actual lesson(s) yet.

Resisting that which you know you should face…turns into a blockage from moving forward. Stop resisting means stop fighting your truth. For in your truth there is love…love of yourself first.

When you love yourself first, you automatically know that you deserve better. This triggers you to make new choices…“try something different”…the theme for 2019. New choices create openings for healthy opportunities.

So if you’ve been stuck in a web of energetic chaos lately, stop and see what the message and truth is trying to show you. When you see it you can heal from it. When you heal you quit resisting and the energy around you automatically changes too.

The road to the New Earth may not be easy but it’s a journey to your truth. It’s where you find out who you are and why you’re here. When you are living authentically resistance becomes a thing of the past.

So tell me…what are you resisting and why? Isn’t it time for you to find out these answers so that you can move forward too?

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