July 16th eclipse update

Photo courtesy of rawpixel at Pixabay

I just received a preview of what our next eclipse is bringing forth in a couple of days. I’ll call this theme a “click into place”.

Essentially what’s happening is any ideas you’ve been receiving or the dream that your attempting to get to may appear like it’s impossible or you have no idea how to get to it. It’s like there’s a huge gap between the current reality and where you want to be. You may have also had ideas that didn’t quite fit together.

This eclipse is offering up some details…your “click into place” moment where things will finally make sense and the steps will start to become clear. Now you should be able to see what’s happening overall.

We’ve been receiving bits of info over the last few days, since July 11th, and now you should start to see where the pieces fit.

Your next question may be how to make these things happen, especially if you’re financially strapped. You don’t need to worry about the details or the things you need to make it happen…that will come. For now, the ideas are being planted and seeded.

This explains the extra seeds in my seedless watermelon and reminds me of my article “Seeds of Change” where the seeds represent new ideas, thoughts and perspectives. They represent new beginnings. Seeds are also confirmations that you are on a new journey and it’s time to move forward.

As I’ve mentioned on social media, one of the dates I’m watching for energetic action is July 31st. This date is going to be significant for a lot of people. It’s a date where many get the green light to go and are “officially” set free for phase two of your journey. That’s why you’re being given the keys to move forward in preparation for what’s coming in August.

I don’t know about you but I’m super excited about what’s ahead. Knowing where you’re headed kind of takes the pressure off doesn’t it? It’s much more fun when you’ve got a plan versus sitting around with a “don’t know” mind.

As always I’ll be posting on social media with updates. Enjoy the week ahead! 😊

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