You’re being given the keys to move forward

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Right now you can be experiencing active dreams. Mine were very interesting and had two separate messages for you in them.

First up, I was a valet driver who was handing out keys to cars to some people. So when you showed up, I was told to go get a specific car for you but you didn’t know which one you were getting. You were hoping for a certain one but when I brought you your car you were pleasantly surprised. So let’s break this down.

Cars in dreams represent the journey you’re taking. They give you your freedom and show you that you’re in control of that journey.

The fact that you showed up to get your car means you’re being given the keys to go. You’re moving forward. And what you’re receiving is much better than you anticipated.

For instance, there was a lady there waiting for her car but I was advised to get someone else’s car first. Now I could tell that this person expected something of lower quality. So when I showed up with some fancy sports car with the driver’s seat on the right side of the car, he was incredibly happy with it. Honestly, he couldn’t believe that it was his. He said it was more than he wanted.

Although, once again I must remind you that not everyone is moving forward at this time. Some people are now getting the keys to their cars while others are still waiting for theirs. That’s because many people are being divided into two groups currently.

The next part of my dream had to do with a baby…which is always a metaphor for something that you’ve started…be it a project, relationship, move, business, etc.

This baby was still new to earth and fully wrapped in a blanket with a hat, laying in a basket sleeping on a shelf in a closet. This is where the baby is safe. It’s also where the baby in this instance is just a thought or an idea that has been started…it’s been acted upon but you’re still waiting for it to emerge and grow.

Now that baby is a toddler that is speaking and counting to ten. He’s running around and playing and he’s happy. Whatever you’ve started and are waiting for results on is about to grow rather quickly. You’ll really start to see it take shape now. There’s rapid growth at this time and over the coming months. So hang in there because we are just getting started. Exciting isn’t it?

Let’s recap…So you’re holding the keys to your new car moving in the direction that you want to go in. You’re feeling quite happy now. The action steps that you’ve taken so far are finally going to show some tangible results. You’re going to see some rewards for all of your hard work and efforts. And not a moment too soon.

Enjoy your day everyone! We are in some really amazing times. Keep going because you’re doing a fantastic job! 😊🤗😘

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