July 6th energy wrap up

Photo courtesy of Tyler Nix on Unsplash

OMG what a week! It was super hard to function. Thoughts of just giving up may have been on your mind this past week but we made it. Give yourself some high fives because there is A LOT going on energetically and astrologically.

So far just this week alone, since the eclipse on the 2nd, we’ve had earthquakes in California, the Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is reaching record eruptions and the Schumann Resonance was at 84 Hz last I checked.

Having said all that we now have Mercury going retrograde tomorrow and the 7th was the next date we are watching for more energetic action. And here’s what I know so far…

Whatever was blocking you before may have suddenly lifted. The eclipse is bringing in clarity and giving you strength to push forward towards your purpose and so is Mercury. We are all clearly done with many things…including people that don’t support or respect us on this journey.

While Mercury Retrograde may slow some people down, all it really does is reveal your truth even more than usual. While it’s also good to review where you are at…this month it’s time to get organized and crystal clear about where you’re headed.

Perhaps you’ve also realized that the only place you can make change happen is in the present moment for this is where you live after all. And that’s where it starts….with you right here and right now.

While the energy does get bumpy at times, we always come out better on the other end of it. Mercury is retrograde until 7/31. Learn to work with the energies in play instead of fearing it. What you do this month, is going to start showing tangible results in August.

Many things are expiring now too so be aware of that….especially as we release from old tribes as the new tribes are quite literally on our doorstep.

Let me add that there’s been a deep sadness permeating the air every so often as many people begin the release from some or all of their current family and/or friends. It’s not easy to let go of your comfort zone but you will disconnect from those who do not support your higher purpose.

You can see this playing out in the way people act as they may create drama or chaos in order to accommodate this necessary change. While others may just disappear from your life altogether without so much as a word. This is as it should be.

Mercury retrograde may make your appliances, electronics and vehicles act up…it may make people’s behaviors escalate but then again, just the energy from the past week can cause all of that too.

We are moving forward and there’s no turning back.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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