July 2019 energy outlook with eclipse theme

This outlook turned out to be a bit lengthier than I thought it would. It’s because we’re in eclipse season. Not only do we have a theme playing out every month, we now have to contend with the eclipse theme.

There are two parts to this…the first part I wrote just as July hit. The second part was written on the day of the eclipse. So let’s get started…

Part One

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed the size of the dream go from small to big. It felt like doable to impossible. But the idea was to get you to think about what’s truly possible for you.

It was about expanding the dream slowly so you could see what it is you actually long for. It’s what’s in your heart. But somewhere along the line you decided it wasn’t going to happen so you blocked it. But now you need to decide how far you’re willing to go to achieve it. This is the theme for July….expansion.

It’s also like this deer that I keep seeing. At first she startled me as she literally came jumping out of nowhere. She was scared of me in the beginning. But now that she’s seen me quite a few times, she knows that I have good intentions. So she goes about her business.

So what does this deer have anything to do with the energies in July? She shows you that you too are just starting out. You’re in new adventures which you must decide what to do next…who to trust…to stay or go.

You see the deer is out on her own trying to find her way. She may show you that she’s hungry but she has to find her food. For if I were to offer her a handout, she would become dependent on me. What she really needs is to fend for herself….to find her own way forward. This is also a theme playing out but for July and beyond.

And that’s what you’re doing…fending for yourself. Taking care of your needs now. Deciding what steps to take to get you to that seemingly impossible dream. You are expanding your way of thinking and doing. This means you’ll see things much differently than before. Your perspective will change.

This journey is about you and as such you must face the road alone for no one is going to tell you what to do. You must use your own inner navigational tools as guides in order to make choices that will bring you joy.

Eclipse season

The eclipses starting on July 2nd are severing your ties to your comfort zone. It’s a highly emotional release because it’s an ending of one way of being and the beginning of your new found freedom.

It’s about detaching from that which binds you to your past and your fears. It’s time for you to set out on your own like the baby deer/doe. You must learn what works for you, what feels right and take the necessary action steps being asked of your soul.

I’m not gonna lie, on July 1st I literally wanted to climb under a rock for life. That was a rough day. But today, the 2nd, the whole landscape changed. But you may find it difficult to be where you are because your needs are not being met.

So what are your needs? What are your wants? Your journey is about you now so it’s time to make decisions and choices based on what you want and need, what makes you happy and what truly inspires you by pulling at your heart strings.

When you say, “Yes I want that” without conviction or hesitation, you know you’ve got something real within yourself. The eclipses are going to help you get there.

Considering that the eclipse on July 2nd falls under a new moon that means some serious new beginnings are about to sprout out. But you’re probably feeling or sensing that already.

This is when you may get new ideas, you may have new thoughts, you may start thinking about new things. Write them all down and see how you feel about them. Allow these new ideas to process fully within you before making a decision about what to do next.

As I have previously mentioned, people are being divided into two groups at this time. Which group are you in? Based on that answer will depend on how this month will go for you.

This time is also ripe for a changing of the guards. This is to help you facilitate the next step on your journey.

For instance, you may be learning to connect to the other side while resting at the same time. A new spirit guide may come through to help you accomplish that…perhaps someone you recently lost.

Resting doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be doing anything at all. It simply means that you’re taken out of “service” while you likely learn some new skills. But your soul is also requesting the downtime now because the soul knows your plan. Use this time to recooperate and recharge your internal batteries. You’ll know when it’s time to get back in the game.

Those moving forward will be discovering the action steps that they need to facilitate over the coming weeks and months. As you can see, their journeys are a bit different.

Part Two

Eclipse theme

Oddly, I only got through to this point and was stopped from writing anymore until the eclipse. And now I understand why. The eclipse theme is centered around family and new beginnings. And it’s more about the family you energetically connect with rather than who you think family is at this moment in time.

You see your family now may be based on karmic contracts. Those contracts are in the process of dissolving and big changes will be happening within the next 3-6 months on this front.

In other words, for many people the family dynamic is going to be changing and for some…drastically. People are going to be headed in new directions. This is as it should be and is required at this time. Allow things to play out accordingly. You may also feel the need to do some cord cutting. Follow your guidance on this.

As the eclipses are bringing forth your new tribes…aka family, they are also releasing from old tribes. It’s who you’re energetically aligned with is what’s important now. It does not mean that your family now won’t come back around again…it’s just everyone needs to evolve in their own way, time and space. That’s the division taking place and the reasons why.

During the last few weeks of June you may have gotten glimpses of the new people coming into your life. Or perhaps you were able to sense the changes coming. This is all to bring you happiness and joy and to help support your journey and purpose in phase two.

So you can see that the eclipse theme is about tribe/family and your connections to them. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll be taking the necessary action steps to help facilitate the meeting of your tribe.

There is truly always a reason for everything. But even though the thought of a new tribe coming in is exciting, it’s also sad at the same time as people go in different directions…sometimes rather suddenly.

Eclipses can also mean “expect the unexpected”. So stay open to all possibilities now. Just be sure to use your feelings as a navigational tool to tell you what feels right and what doesn’t. Go your own way. Don’t do something out of fear or because others want you to do it. Do it because it feels right for you.

The dates to watch for some type of energetic action…light downloads, surges forward, truths to be revealed, etc….July 3, 7, 11, 17, 22-23, 27, 31.

Ironically we started today off with back to back energy downloads. I’ve noticed on these days it feels lighter and happier. But you could be much sleepier too…or wired for sound….or a bit of both. The day(s) following can be the opposite as we process and ground the light. Some people may find that it hangs on longer. This has more to do with how you process the energy through the layers.

So July starts off with a solar eclipse in a new moon and double energy downloads. There is so much going on energetically this month that promises powerful changes are forthcoming.

These are extraordinary times we are in and we’re working on the Universe’s timeline which to me feels amped up. If you think things are moving quickly, that’s because they are.

As always, I’ll post updates on social media as we go along. Welcome to July and eclipse season. 😄

© 2019 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

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