Are you suddenly cleaning out your closet?

Photo courtesy of Ryan McGuire on Pixabay

This morning I woke up to an interesting dream. I was on a plane that had landed but I was still in my seat looking to see where I was going next.

So while I could see where I was headed to, I somehow didn’t have a connecting flight from where I was now to where I was going. Which meant now I have to scramble to make the arrangements. Then another passenger told me she’d take care of it.

And that’s where we are currently. We are in the midst of making that connection to our future…the one that we’ve been getting glimpses of…the one that’s been integrating with our present reality lately.

This is why suddenly we need to start purging our stuff (our theme this week) to make room for the new that is about to enter our lives. So if you’re going through your stuff and getting rid of things this week…this would be why.

Although to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t really felt the push to purge until this morning. It was lurking in the background but now it’s pressure to get it done.

I believe the eclipses are going to help us make that connection as well. Are you ready for big changes?? I know I am.

I’ve also had this mockingbird singing since I woke up this morning. Mockingbirds alert you to the fact that you have all of the tools necessary to make things happen. They help you sing your inner song. Are you singing your song? The time is here and we’re getting ready to go full throttle to phase two of our journeys.

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