Which group are you in?

Photo courtesy of Carl Flor at Unsplash

Something big happening right now is the division of people into two groups.

The first group is tired, weary and beyond exhausted. This group is in dire need of rest and rejuvenation. Your soul needs a break…which is why you can feel tired down to your core.

You may also feel completely disconnected and not sure where you’re going next. Take this time for you and don’t try to push forward. Your day will come when it’s your turn. For now…rest is all that’s required of you.

And this is the group that is being taken out of service…temporarily. These people will be sidelined through loss of employment, illness, financial setbacks, etc. However you have contracted to have this play out…it will. For instance, you could land on workman’s compensation or unemployment. You could suddenly fall ill, etc. Allow it to be.

Photo courtesy of Konstantinos Feggoulis at Unsplash

The second group is moving forward at this time and is having their futures blend in with their present.

For instance, I was out walking by a river the other day and I suddenly felt as if I was transported to a beach where I was walking barefoot, taking in the sunshine and the nice breeze off the water. I was completely immersed in the future in that very moment. And it’s become a daily thing.

This means that you/we are being prepared for what’s right around the corner. So get ready because it’s happening. You’ll notice this in the shift of your ideas. It’s like the ideas you had just went up to a new level.

You may also be “seeing” (in your third eye or psychic vision) people that you’ve yet to meet. This is your tribe. You’ll be meeting them in the coming months as things will literally change in an instant.

I’m getting early indications that what seems impossible right now can change very quickly so pay attention to your guidance and intuition. This is not the time to dismiss it.

For instance, you may suddenly have a cash windfall, an urge to move to another continent, along with the need to start getting rid of stuff, and have feelings of utter bliss at times. This is your true purpose shining through and the Universe is assisting you to get it done. Why? Because your number has been called and it’s time to start phase two of your journey. Are you ready?? You know you are. 😊

I fully expect this to play out even more so as we head into the eclipses in July. I’m still tied to a September timeframe. Though I’m not sure if that’s when we’ll start to see the results of all of this or what but it’s definitely significant to what’s going on now.

I’ll post more on that as I get more information. Until then, remember that everything is playing out exactly as it should.

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4 thoughts on “Which group are you in?

  1. […] Many of us are done with the karmic relationships and because of that we are releasing those that no longer serve our highest good at this time. It’s not to say that they won’t come back around at a later date once the energies are in alignment. And it’s not to say that things will end badly. It’s just that there’s a parting of ways now on various levels. And it’s all because we’ve been divided into two groups. […]


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