Sudden changes in behaviors

Photo courtesy of geralt on Pixabay

A big thing coming up right now and likely over the coming weeks is a sudden change in people’s behaviors and the situations that it’s creating.

Let me just say this…try not too take what other people do or say personally. Everyone is making choices and they may have created situations in order to move forward with those choices. It’s their “I’ll do it my way” motto.

These situations can cause chaos and unexpected drama. That’s because if they hadn’t created the situation, they wouldn’t be able to make a decision. They would literally stay stuck in the status quo.

By creating a situation it pulls them out of their comfort zone and forces them to make a change. So if you feel like you’re a target…you’re not. But you likely play an important role in their decision making. Try to see it from a bigger perspective.

For instance, you want to move somewhere new…a tropical beach where the temperature is about the same all year long. You currently live in a place that has winter for 5-6 months out of the year. Your family is here, your friends are here and let’s face it…a move like that is kinda scary. So you go through the motions living in your comfort zone.

Then from out of nowhere you suddenly start thinking about winter and it’s making you claustrophobic and causing anxiety. You now can’t see yourself living where you are anymore. Things start happening like your neighbors annoy you, you suddenly have no privacy, you notice the weather is gloomy more often, nothing seems to work right and everything becomes a hassle. This is suddenly a big problem for you and because of the intense pressure from within, you decide to finally make that move.

And that’s where it’s coming from…from within yourself because your soul knows that it’s time for you to get on with your purpose. Which in this scenario can only be fulfilled in a new location.

So it feels like a huge inner push, massive pressure or an urge to do something and you know you need to decide. This is the Universe’s way of saying that you’re moving forward. You’re on the Universe’s timeline so ready or not it’s full speed ahead.

There are also two groups of people…one is now in resting mode as they are tired to their cores and they’re ready to just rest. The other is moving forward and this is the group that is creating sudden scenarios so that they can make the necessary changes for their journey.

So if someone you know has suddenly become unbearable, hard to live with, disrespectful, unruly or has just made a big decision out of no where…know that this is why. Everyone is moving forward in some way whether you’re resting, quitting your job, relocating, starting a business, breaking up with someone, etc. It’s all forward motion and it’s a necessary part of the plan.

That is what we are up against at the moment. I also feel like September is key in some way to all of this…perhaps that’s when we start wrapping this up and moving on to phase two. Stay tuned for more on that.

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