Do you need to love everyone?

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A question that comes up a lot has to do with whether you need to love everyone or not. The reason is because many people preach that you must love everyone in order to be spiritual or happy. They say that when you love everyone you are then considered “God-ly”. So you see how this can get misconstrued.

This has people proclaiming that they love you when in fact they don’t. They say they do but then their actions say otherwise. They go around thinking that if they spread “love and light” that it will somehow earn them brownie points in life.

But the problem is that this method is inauthentic. You can’t just do something to do it thinking that you’ll get something in return.

Love is something that comes from the heart. It comes with no strings attached. It comes from a place of being whole and healed. It comes from the genuine and natural caring about others…not from someone who preaches that “you need to do this in order to gain a reward“.

Love can’t be spread if it isn’t genuine and people know when it’s not. When someone pretends that they are spreading “love and light” people can see right through it. And that’s because so many have awakened and because of that it becomes really clear who people are…masks and all.

You think that everyone that comes your way must be loved by you, often in a romantic kind of way, no matter what someone does to you…when in fact the opposite is true.

The truth is…you don’t need to love everyone in that way. Yes, there are people that you will form a heart connection with…that’s unconditional love. There are those that you will love romantically. But then there are those that you won’t love at all. And this is where people think they have somehow committed an immoral sin.

You feel guilty because you don’t particularly like some people, you may even despise them. You feel that there is no way you can love your enemies. And you know with uncertainty that loving “these” people goes against every fiber in your being yet you try to do it anyways…or you don’t.

For those that you believe have wronged you in some way, realize that what someone else does has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Yet they are also showing you something back…the mirror effect…so you are learning something very valuable from them.

The key here is to forgive those that you think hurt you. Why? Because forgiveness simply means that you are letting go of the anger, the control and the power that has had a hold on you. It doesn’t mean that what they did was right, it just means that it no longer fuels you or them so you can both move on. And it’s healing.

You truly don’t need to love everyone…you don’t even need to like them. There’s always going to be personality clashes or frequency mismatches and that’s ok.

What you need to do is accept how you feel knowing that each person has a specific plan for their life. That plan includes lessons, growth and healing. Not everyone is on the same course trajectory either.

After acceptance of what is, it’s your knowing that it’s ok not to feel love for some people. Try stepping into their shoes to see what they see and how they feel. Try to understand their point of view. Because when you do, the whole picture changes.

You see when you can understand why people do what they do without judgement, you’re able to accept that this is all part of some bigger plan. By understanding and accepting you are essentially loving the other person…just in a different way.

So you see, love happens in many forms but it’s best when it happens naturally, from the heart and comes from an evolved perspective. But that’s what everyone is learning anyways. This is how you love each other, even if it’s not the kind of love you thought it was.

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