Theme for the week of June 16-22

It’s funny how things happen. Last week for three days straight I went to my closet to pull out a shirt to wear. And each time I did that I picked out the wrong one but a similar color.

The question that came to mind was…do I go with this shirt I just pulled out or put it back and take out the one that I really wanted? This is likely the question you’re asking yourself now or will be… except of course not about the shirt but about what direction your life is heading in or which step to take next.

The problem with this is that the ego can get in the way as can your negative self talk. Which then makes you look at your future and your goals in a way that says it’s not possible.

You may look at where you are now versus where you want to be and think how can it possibly happen? There may be a huge gaping hole glaring at you and when you look at your reality you think there’s just no way. But you wonder how anyways because you’re determined to move forward.

This week’s theme is about HOPE. Hope is what you have when you want something to happen. Hope allows you to trust the process for what you need will be delivered to you in it’s right time. Hope helps you to believe that you can have what you want.

The trick to all of this is to be able to see where you want to be and what you want to do. Then you need to come back to your present reality and see what steps you can do right now to get you closer to your goals. Learn to follow your cues.

By keeping your hope alive allows you to go forward with ease knowing that you’re working towards getting there. Picture that dream in your mind and know that you can have it, if it is the song that’s playing in your heart. Because in the New Earth, dreams are meant to come true in right time but it all starts with hope.

Hope is also something you can share with others. If someone you know is struggling with their “gaping hole”, point out the hope that’s there. Help them see that all things are possible because we live in times that can not only change in an instant, but can be magical in so many ways.

No matter what happens, keep your hope going this week and in the days and weeks ahead knowing that anything can happen because you feel it in your heart. ❤️

Another thing coming up and not just for this week…be sure to go your own way. Make choices based on what you want not what others expect you to do. That’s really important.

Also, today being the 16th, is another energetic action day. I woke up just after 5 am and my left ear started ringing. This meant that we are having an energy download. So for Father’s Day we are taking in light.

This on top of the full moon about to happen very early Monday morning. Full moons are often about releasing that which no longer serves us. I feel like this will be amplified this week with the energy download happening at the same time.

Sunday should feel like a bit of a relief because of the light coming in. But know that we will need to process it too so you may get some side effects from that afterwards.

Our next date to watch for more energetic action is the 22nd which is Saturday. This on the other side of the summer solstice on the 21st.

It’s another intense week energetically speaking so go easy on yourself. There’s also a lot of eclipse energy intermingled with this too. So yes, we are doing some serious energy work right now.

The plus side to all of this…more people see their truths which brings more light to the planet. More light equals less dark. We are all here to start restoring peace back to this world and you’re doing an amazing job at it too! Keep up the great work. While things can get rough along the way they do pass.

We are truly in this together and we are making great strides in what my guides say is “Heaven on New Earth“.

© 2019 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

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