The week ahead for June 9-15

Photo courtesy of geralt on Pixabay

This week you’ll need to decide which direction to go in courtesy of our next energetic event on the 11th. I’m getting indications that we’re getting another push forward then so get ready.

Every energy download or surge forward often comes with a theme attached to it. This one is no different.

When I go out for my walk, I often use a trail nearby. But today as I approached it I didn’t feel like going there. My thought was to go back to a place I used to walk all of the time. But the fact is, I didn’t want to go there either. I wanted to go somewhere new…somewhere I hadn’t been before.

So the theme ushering in this week is asking you these questions…Do you go back to the ways of the past? Stay in your comfort zone? Or branch out into new and unknown territory? The choice is yours.

The choice you make will tell you exactly where you are on your path of learning. No answer is wrong and the choice you make is right for you in that very moment.

You’ll likely notice a big divide between those that are asleep and those who are awake as well. This happens at every major choice point…this is one of those.

When I was out today I also noticed that some people don’t know where they’re going…more so than usual. They may be in one lane and suddenly jump lanes. They may sit at a light with their blinker on and while the light has turned green, they choose to sit there and ponder if they really want to turn left or not. Finally they decide to make a right turn instead. This is simply more confirmations that we are about to enter another major decision making gateway.

As we keep heading towards the new earth these forward surges will continue, the light downloads will continue and your truth will continue to surface. You can choose to react or respond with appropriate action steps.

Healing is up for grabs too so use today to rest if you can because we’ve got a potent week ahead as the landscape shifts once again.

On a side note, I’m suddenly doing weekly updates which started with a recap of last week. I’ve learned to simply just roll with whatever messages my guides need me to deliver. And it’s truly lining up to be a very active and potent summer.

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