Are you being pummeled by negative energies?

Photo courtesy of Jay Castor at Unsplash

Something I experience very often is negative energies. Whether it’s in the collective, from someone around me or from a place I’ve been there always seems to be some sort of energy that I’ve picked up.

This is why it’s helpful to check in with yourself often to see how you’re feeling so that you’ll know if it’s yours or from out in the air.

While the majority of the energy is not intentionally directed at me per se, it can and does feel overwhelming. It can make you feel like you’re losing your mind because it comes from many different directions.

A lot stems from the massive energy downloads we are receiving from the Universe which reveals truths. When that happens, people often don’t like what they see…which sets that particular energy into the atmosphere.

Plus there are so many things happening globally and of course the intentional manipulations of our energy that all of that energy has to go somewhere. Not to mention that a good portion of the people on this planet are now awake on some level and things can get scary and fears crop up. All of this energy is out there trying to jam up our own frequencies so we have to clear it.

But how do you do that? Well, you could smudge, get out in nature, meditate, ask your guides for assistance, visualize outward mirrors around you deflecting it back to their original sender’s with light for healing. But what happens when you’ve tried everything…even wearing crystals and nothing works?

What happens is you’re oversaturated. You’ve got so much energy hitting you all at once and it makes you just want to go to bed to sleep so you don’t have to hear it anymore. Sometimes taking cover at home helps. I find that once I’m outside it hits me like a brick.

But you’re in luck because I discovered a quick way to solve this problem…well my guides deserve the credit for showing me. I learned it last weekend as I was getting pummeled while out for my walk which was not enjoyable or relaxing by any means. And on top of it, I was getting hit hard in more than one area.

So where do we take in this energy? First our energy fields carry it so it’s important to do proper cleansing…that’s where smudging usually works. Second, our chakras take hits which is why you can hear/sense/feel it from the middle of your chest, head or various other locations.

Let me cover the chakras briefly here in case you don’t know what they are. I like to call them little energy vortexes because they spin in a circular motion freely when they’re balanced and healthy.

Photo courtesy of sciencefreak on Pixabay

These little energy centers run up and down the front of the spine. Each chakra has a purpose. Starting at the base of the spine and working up are the seven chakras, colors associated with it and a brief description of it’s function:

  1. Root – red, your foundation
  2. Sacral – orange, sexuality
  3. Solar plexus – yellow, your power
  4. Heart – green or pink, unconditional love
  5. Throat – blue, your voice
  6. Third eye – purple, psychic visions
  7. Crown – white, connection to Source

When the chakras are out of balance they don’t spin and you’ll often be facing issues in the area that they represent.

For instance, intimacy issues can be found in the sacral chakra while learning to speak up can be found in the throat chakra. You may find that your favorite color coincides with one of the chakras as well. This often has to do with the lesson that you are learning. So yes, your favorite color could change.

Each chakra can take an energetic hit by outside sources even if they are balanced and healthy, or spinning freely because they have frequencies as well.

Having said that…for anyone that’s being bombarded with negative energies (including very dark energies) and having a hard time getting rid of it…you’ll want to close up your chakras. This is how it’s done…it’s simple I promise…

Picture a white lotus flower (yes, it needs to be a lotus – see photo up top), fully open on top of your head where your crown chakra is located…then watch it completely close. You should see results fairly quickly.

If it’s coming in at any other chakra, practice the same method but make sure the flower color is the same color of the chakra that’s getting pummeled with the negative energy. So if your solar plexus is also taking the hit, picture a yellow lotus flower and so on.

And that’s it. The only rule is that if you want to do this visualization for each chakra, you must start with the crown chakra since that’s the big kahuna of all chakras. And no, it won’t cut you off from Source. After that, allow your intuition to guide you to other areas.

I told you it was easy and it’s immediately effective. So every time you are being overwhelmed energetically, picture the white lotus beautiful and healthy and then close it. Since it works for me I wanted to share it because I know many of you are likely struggling with these energies too.

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