Some children are born vegetarians

Photo courtesy of Markus Spiske at Unsplash

If there’s one thing I believe in is being honest and telling the truth. While I do eat a high raw diet, I also eat meat when I feel my body needs it which lately has been more often. But everyone’s journey is different as is your mission and children are no exception.

Since I have tried various diets over the years including being vegan, I’m familiar with the feelings and emotions that go along with it. Having said that, when my grandson was about one years old, I got the distinct impression that he was a vegetarian. Matter of fact it hit me very loudly. That explained why he refused meat at every level and has since the moment he was eating solid food.

If I try to sneak it in his mouth without him looking at it, he’ll just take it out and throw it on the floor. I’ve simply learned to accept that this is his journey.

Some children are mission specific which I’m really referring to as a light bearer…meaning someone that carries a large amount of light within them so that they can light the path for others. They are here specifically to help usher in peace. So it’ll be interesting to see what they are doing in 20-30 years.

So while everyone serves a purpose, some come here knowing that a vegetarian lifestyle meets their needs. They will likely teach those around them about their choices as they get older…because that is part of their plan.

Children are truly amazing and we need to let them be who they came here to be by encouraging them on their journey. While my grandson does love his cheese, he also loves his fruit.

Fruit has amazing healing powers in the body…just ask the Medical Medium Anthony William. We all know it because we eat it and witness it’s results. Children are smart…they know what their body’s needs are. They eat what will nourish them as long as we are paying attention to what they’re telling us.

We have all been brainwashed into thinking that our kids need to eat certain foods. We’ve been taught that if they don’t eat meat that we’re bad parents. Government, society and generational conditioning has dictated what they wanted us to believe is right.

It’s time to break the cycle and see where the wind blows us. We don’t need to control things that we can’t control…like kids that won’t eat meat. Believe that there is a reason, that they are getting everything they need from what they’re eating.

Some children don’t eat meat because it’s too heavy of an energy for them. If you notice, these kids are filled with light and are just happy no matter what you throw at them.

Children come here with open minds, hearts and souls. Along the way they learn to apply filters…which are often fears and beliefs of those around them. So while they are highly connected to Source, they are aware on some level that their diet is directly related to what they came here to do. And if they know it, so should we…these are the children of the new earth.

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