June 2019 energies

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Can you feel the change in the months? June is definitely taking a stance in the sense it’s time to lay the ground rules for yourself and those around you. It’s time to put those boundaries in place and let people know that you’re not going to tolerate their nonsense anymore. So we’ve got a few major themes taking place.

June is partially about boundaries because you need to move forward and boundaries are a necessary part of your foundation.

For instance, if you keep someone around you as a “just in case” no one else comes around…you’re sending the message that you’re settling for less than you deserve because you don’t trust the process. But if you tell them it’s time to go because you expect better for yourself…well then the message becomes clear.

This month it’s also about “no more”. No more allowing others to dump their dramas in your lap. No more part time lovers if you’re wanting a full-time one. No more people walking or talking all over you. No more people trying to manipulate or sway you in their direction…etc.

If you take part in the “no more” this month, you’ll be taking back control of your power and you’ll be owning it. This is an important step on your journey. Plus it releases everyone from spinning on the same hampster wheel repeatedly. Think of it as helping everyone move forward including the planet. Because the steps you take helps others do the same. This is the first theme of the month.

Throughout the month you’ll want to make choices that bring simplicity into your life. You don’t need drama and chaos anymore and it’s time to be free of it. Upheaval only holds you back from your purpose. Learn to pay attention to how you feel about things. How you feel is your new navigational tool…learn to put it to good use.

For instance, I had switched banks after a move. While I felt drawn to go there I encountered nothing but issues. But the thought of earning a higher interest rate sucked me in. Yet at the same time I felt that this might not be a good fit for me. Three months later I put my banking back to where it was because it was easier for me.

So you’ll likely see some changes regarding any decisions you’ve made over the last few months. We’ll call it cleaning up and moving on.

The second theme of the month has to do with “seeds of change“. Oddly, this ties into an article that I wrote back in January. Here’s how this came about…

Yesterday, I felt the need to go buy a really big watermelon. So I went to the store, brought it home and sliced into it. But when I did, I realized that I had a “seeded” watermelon.

At first, I wasn’t happy as it would likely take me all afternoon to remove the seeds to make this salsa/chutney type dish. But as I was de-seeding, this article I had already written came to mind. This is definitely confirmation of our forward movement.

Seeds represent new ideas, thoughts and perspectives. They represent new beginnings. But it’s what you do with that seed is what matters.

The Universe has given you the seeds and now it’s entirely up to you to take care of them. But keep in mind that when you need guidance or assistance along the way, always remember to ask for help. Your guides, angels and the Universe all wait for you to invite them in.”

“Seeds” can show you how things can and do change rather instantly. Because of that June will show you where you’ve been holding yourself back. It will also give you new opportunities to do things and explore where you’re going.

“Seeds” can literally show up anywhere. You may get one or two seeds at first. Or you may get an abundance of seeds. Choose the seeds that you want to move forward with and discard the ones you don’t.

A lot of what you’ll find are seeds that give you the “I really want to do this” feeling. Or perhaps it’s something you’ve always wanted to do.

The time is now to begin planting your seeds so that they will grow abundantly. You were given them because you asked for them. You are more than qualified to carry through and quite honestly, you’re kind of beyond ready for these changes to take place.

Here are the dates in June where you can expect some energetic action. This means either light downloads, truths surfacing or forward surges.

June 6th, 11th, 16th, 22nd, 26th and 30th.

A lot of 6’s in a 6 month…this represents balance. Sometimes you have to go through chaos to achieve the balance but your reward is healing and inner peace…which is the much deeper message but not just for June.

Feel free to read my article on how the energy downloads may effect you.

As always I’ll be posting regular updates on social media outlets. I’m expanding those platforms one by one to get my messages out there. I would love to hear how the energies are effecting you.

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