Karmic lost and found

Photo courtesy of congerdesign on Pixabay

In my May-October energy theme I mentioned that we are now in a cycle where justice and karma are highly active. Because of this you could be tested starting this week and beyond.

Pay attention to what shows up for you and how as you may find yourself in the middle of a karmic situation.

For instance, if you’re having money trouble and you suddenly find something worth a nice payday, (perhaps a cell phone, tablet, gold watch, etc.) what do you do?

  • A) Sell it
  • B) Keep it
  • C) Find it’s owner

Obviously you will choose whatever option you think is right for you in the moment. But keep in mind that actions have consequences whether that’s good, bad or indifferent is entirely up to you.

Don’t allow your own fear of not being able to pay something get in the way of your truth. And while many may see this as a gift from the Universe, it is…it’s just not your version of a gift.

You must remember that should you choose to keep something that doesn’t belong to you, you risk having something of value taken in return. That’s just how it works, especially now. This is the lost and found reality.

If you attempt to find the owner by any means necessary, you’ll receive the same courtesy later on. And might I add that when you do go this route, the person that owns it isn’t all that hard to find. It’s called intervention from the Universe.

But what if you can’t locate the owner? Just because you can’t doesn’t mean that someone else can’t. Think about it. Let’s say you find an iPhone. You think that Apple won’t release the information. To you they probably won’t, but to your local police department they likely would. Or perhaps they’d tell you to take it to their store.

The point is to do what you believe is right. Ask yourself, if this was your item that you lost what would you want someone else to do? That’s how you know what the truth is. If you’re ok with someone pawning off a family heirloom, great it all works out. But if you had pictures on that phone that you won’t be able to get back, you’d likely have a meltdown.

That old school saying “do unto others as you’d have done unto you” applies. So even if you think that $1,000 phone you just found could help get you out of debt, know that there are other ways that the Universe can provide funds for you. Finders keepers doesn’t apply here.

So if you’re looking to learn a valuable lesson in karma, just wait until you find something that belongs to someone else and see what happens. You’ll be rewarded no matter which way you turn as the choice is always up to you. But what kind of reward are you willing to receive?

We are living in accelerated times and karma is also along for the ride. Will you see it through or take for yourself? You’re the only one that can decide your fate. All of this because you found something that was lost to someone else. Welcome to karmic lost and found.

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