Memorial Day Weekend update

Photo courtesy of Mosa Moseneke on Unsplash

For the remainder of the weekend and into next week, things will be moving pretty quickly. On top of that, there’s another major shift taking place…there’s a changing of the guard on various levels…spirit guides, gatekeepers, bridge keepers and earthly missions.

I noticed this when I was at a store yesterday. When it was my turn to checkout, I was halted as they did a cashier change. I love how the Universe let’s me know what’s happening.

This is another massive push forward into our new roles as we continue to head towards the new earth. Yes, a lot can happen when things start shifting. You may get sudden ideas and opportunities. You may find that you are switching trajectories or your identity. You may find yourself starting something new and ending something at the same time. Doors open as other ones close. You may experience all of the above or only one. No matter it’s still a change.

It also means that karma can come back around as we are now beginning to see justice being served on those that have not had good intentions.

Justice comes in all shapes and sizes too. It’s not just about putting someone in jail for committing a crime. It’s about learning that there are consequences for your actions. It’s about taking responsibility for your life and finding out what your truth is.

It means that if you intentionally set out to hurt someone in some way, you’ll be on the receiving end of that now. When it happens you’ll be prompted back to the time where your actions created this whole scenario. You may not like what you see but it’s about your truth. You need to see all of it in order to heal from it.

Taken from January 31st – a push forward to the New Earth

Interestingly, it used to be years before this type of change took place. Now it’s six months. That’s how fast we’re learning, growing and expanding our light in outward directions. Keep up the good work and know that the light is winning!!

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