May-October energy theme

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There’s a lot of this energy floating around since the beginning of May but more in the coming months based on this…

…People that thought they could get away with something are experiencing the grief and pain when they realize they can no longer act in that way and are now facing responsibility for their actions.

It’s kind of like behavior modification time. Actually its more about that justice card I spoke of in my January 31st post where we were all pushed towards the new earth.

In retrospect, you’ll find this surge to also have a boomerang effect as it will also set the karmic wheel in motion. What does this mean?

It means that there are consequences for your actions. It means the justice card has been dealt.

It means that if you intentionally set out to hurt someone in some way, you’ll be on the receiving end of that now. When it happens you’ll be prompted back to the time where your actions created this whole scenario. You may not like what you see but it’s about your truth. You need to see all of it in order to heal from it.

We are in this now and going forward. While justice is a major factor as what’s wrong needs to be made right on so many levels and there needs to be consequences for actions taken both individually and globally…the fact is it’s always about getting to the truth. Justice is simply the catalyst or means to get you there.

This means getting to the root of the behaviors and fears and healing from them so that you can become whole in yourself. This raises your energetic frequency and assists you in moving forward on your mission.

Let me just add that there will be many who can’t or won’t want to face their truths and they may feel the need to opt out. That is their choice. Many others will find that their time here on earth is done and that they’ve learned what they needed to.

This will be an ongoing theme over the next few months as we prepare for even bigger things in 2020. The Universe needs as many people as possible to be in their truths…if even just partially because truth equals light. The more light there is, the less dark.

This is why we essentially get slammed with so much light, energy downloads and forward surges. While it’s not exactly a marathon…it is a bit of a race since it’s based on the Universe’s timeline. Just know that everything is going according to plan…even if it doesn’t “appear” that way.

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