After a break up

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How many times have you broken it off with someone only to feel like you’re being sucked back in? You may go back and forth several times before it truly ends. It can feel as though you have no control over it…but you do.

You see what’s really happening is you’re feeling the residual (leftover) energy. It’s just like when you move and you feel blue or depressed after a couple of weeks. There’s a transition period that occurs and if you don’t cut the “cord” right away with the other person, you’ll keep feeling sucked back in.

It’s important to know how you actually feel at this point because you could be taking on the other person’s feelings and emotions which travel through this “cord”. This can be really difficult to decipher if you don’t know your own feelings. So pay attention.

The relationships now are more connected on an energetic level and because of that there’s often a lesson or karma involved…that’s why there’s a “cord”. Cords can be placed based on fear as well. Cords are simply the rope that binds you to each other until the purpose of the cord has been completed. Cords can travel through many lifetimes too.

This is also a good time to journal your feelings so that you can experience healing on deeper levels. And because it helps you to see what you’ve learned. It’s about your growth and your truth because lessons are tied to your truth.

In finding your truth you may have to kiss a lot of frogs. You may learn more about what you don’t want in order to see what you do want.

Having said that, the easiest way to stop the back and forth pulling is to cut the “cord”. One of the ways you can do that is to delete that person from your phone contacts, messages and email…and from anything else. If you have a key to their place, be sure to give it back or throw it away immediately.

Another way is to close your eyes and envision the two of you on opposite ends of a bridge. Picture both of you walking up to each other, say what you need to say, shake hands and then say, “Goodbye.” Turn around and walk away and don’t look back. Once you’re off the bridge you can open up your eyes.

When you cut the “cord” you are telling the Universe that you’re done with this connection and you’re ready to move on because you know you deserve better. It’s all about your intention now. Within 24-48 hours, you should stop feeling the “pull”.

Stay strong and remember the reasons why the breakup happened to begin with. Know that you deserve the best and you are worthy of more. When one connection ends, a new one can begin. ❤️

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