Wired vs wireless

Photo courtesy of Misha Feshchak

If there’s one thing I can always count on with this energetic rollercoaster ride is my wifi router having issues. Last year I went through three different routers and two so far this year.

This past Christmas I received a router as a gift and by March I had to replace it. Purchased another one and now this one is acting up. And even though I don’t buy the same brand every time, they all share a common problem….the wifi loses connection while the wired works flawlessly.

With this technology, the wireless signal tends to loose speed as time goes on. It’s often problematic because other networks, appliances, phones, etc can interfere with the frequency. Sometimes you can solve the problem by changing the channel on the router. Often times that still doesn’t work so you end up replacing it.

The takeaway message…when we are connected (“wired”) to our truths and following our passions we flow much easier in life. Whereas when we’re not connected (“wireless”), we’re apt to run into all kinds of frequency issues and interferences. We can get bogged down with other people’s “junk”… energy wise. This can have us straying from our truths.

So what do you do? You stand in your power by connecting to yourself first and following only that which brings you joy and happiness. This is what delivers real inner peace…not to mention a “wired” connection. 😊

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