Dream big

Photo courtesy of neONBRAND at Unsplash

I have this problem when people tell you to dream big. It’s because when you dream big, you’re always trying to achieve something better than where you are and what you have.

Dreaming big takes you out of the present moment and puts you in a future moment. A moment that has yet to happen. Yet the only moment you can do anything about is the now moment.

It’s a good thing to have goals but you need to have realistic expectations about what you can achieve now…not tomorrow, next week or next year…now…the present moment.

What can you do right now? What step can you take to try to make your days ahead better?

Life in the new earth requires that you live in the here and now. When you do, you’re in a natural state of flow because you’re not ahead in the future and you’re not behind in the past.

When you’re in your present reality, life makes perfect sense. You’re grateful for what you have but you’re also sensible about your next action steps. Because you’ll be able to say that this is what you can feasibly do right now.

Dreaming big puts people in a headspace that makes a life that you dream about unobtainable. For example, perhaps you want a mansion yet right now you live in poverty. You need to resolve this issue in front of you. Like why you feel the need to settle for much less when you truly desire more for yourself. But what you might find is that you’d rather something more simple and smaller.

In this scenario you need to take steps to get yourself out of poverty, including the reasons why you’re in it in the first place. And then see what you can do after that. You certainly wouldn’t try to go out and get a million dollar mortgage but you may rack up debt because you always want more.

Dreaming big can get a person into trouble. So instead, simply focus on what you do have. Then you’ll be living in a state of natural gratitude. Then you’ll be able to see what next steps you can take.

You don’t have to think that this is it for you but it can if you want it to be. You don’t have to stay stuck. But dreaming of a living in a mansion when all you can afford is a one bedroom condo is not in your best interest.

Instead of dreaming big, dream now…here and now. Ask yourself…what can I do right now? What can make me happy right now? And go from there. Because in the end, it’s all about uncovering your truth. And your truth might not involve that mansion after all.

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