Do you keep hitting your head?

Photo courtesy of neONBRAND at Unsplash

When the Universe attempts to wake someone up from their 3D life, it sometimes comes with a konk on the head. Whether that person falls and hits their head or they keep smacking their head on a cabinet or car doors remains to be seen.

Getting hit on the head is symbolic with awakening in many ways. It’s to get you to pay attention to the fact that you’ve been sleepwalking through your life…that you’re trying to escape your truth. And you’re not here to hide, you’re here to be uniquely you.

I’ve witnessed first hand how this works. Every time I advanced in my own life by seeing my own truths, I tend to hit my head on cabinet doors or when I get something out of the fridge. It’s frustratingly annoying and sometimes painful.

Someone I know is constantly being poked and prodded by the Universe. We we’re shopping the other day and I had this sudden urge to look at something on the top shelf which meant moving an item out of the way. She was right below there looking at items on the bottom shelf. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I moved the item which triggered a cup next to it that I didn’t see, to fall off the shelf and onto her head. She was fine. But that same day she got clocked by the hatch door on her vehicle. And I’ve noticed a lot of this happening since January 31st…the day everyone was pushed forward towards the new earth.

I’ve seen people fall and hit their heads on the ground. And what makes it so interesting is when you witness how it happens, sometimes you can tell that another force is behind it.

But no matter how anyone has chosen to wake up in their life, there isn’t much you can do about it...though you could buy them a helmet. Life has to unfold according to their plan. Yes, everyone has a plan. It was decided before you arrived here. You knew who you were going to meet and for what reason. You knew what lessons you’d be learning. And you knew when your awakening would begin to take place. You also knew how long your stay here would be.

But the fact remains that once you’re here walking the earth in a physical body, you have free will. This means you get to make choices based on what you know. Your plan factors all of this in.

So whether you nose dive off a set of stairs, slip on a patch of ice, smack your nugget as you’re getting out of your car the message is clear…you or someone you’re witnessing this happen to is being lovingly nudged…ahem pushed, poked and prodded into waking up to their reality and truth.

When this happens people tend to resist because they don’t like what they see and they’re afraid of it. But what they’re really afraid of is their own fears that are staring them square in the face. So they continue to push it back down. What they don’t realize is that it will keep resurfacing stronger each time. Which means more konks on the head or something more drastic.

I don’t tell you this to cause fear, I tell you this so that you can see what’s really going on. It’s how some people have chosen to be woken up in their lives. Once they get it, you’ll notice their perspective change…even if it’s in baby steps.

Life was not meant to be lived in fear or confined to a 3D reality. Life was meant to be lived with love in your heart and a zest for living. Getting up in the morning and being grateful and happy to start your day. But so many have been programmed into thinking that life is anything but happy. It’s time for that to change and if it means a subtle konk on the head to help facilitate that process…so be it.

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