May 5th – taking on light

Photo courtesy of Heather M. Edwards at Unsplash

I just woke up from this dream where I was driving a truck and a “snow squall” hit. I drove through it and I noticed one person was closing up his gates. There was no one else on the road.

For anyone that lives in areas that get these squalls, you know that they typically show up out of no where. They can also cause blinding travel conditions as they can dump a quick few inches of snow all at once making the roads slippery.

The “snow squall” indicates that we are receiving light energy from the Universe at this time. I also just heard ringing in my left ear as confirmation. In the dream, I went to a safe space, parked the truck where the snow plow could get through easily and waited it out. Today would be a good day to stay home and rest if you can.

You can read my post on the effects from the energy shifts since this one is a bit of a doozy. This may have a situation pop up where you cycle through all of the feelings rather quickly too. This happened to me the other day. First came anger, then tears and feelings of nothing ever changes. Shortly after was a feeling of peace knowing that everything will be ok.

This is the energy of May. This is how we move forward…with quick bursts from the past and fast healing on its heels. Just keep in mind that it’s only temporary…just like a “snow squall” shows up rather suddenly and passes just as quickly…this too shall pass and you’ll be traveling on your path once again.

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