What you may be feeling in May

Photo courtesy of CJ Dayrit at Unsplash

April was a month to remember. Did you get any new ideas or perhaps you changed your perspective about something. No matter what you learned it likely had quite an impact on your journey. I know it did for me.

It also ended with a bunch of energy downloads as the Schumann Resonance has shown us. This has led to heightened anger and a feeling of energetic overwhelm. You might have found yourself saying that you can’t do it anymore. Please find the time to take cover and rest when this happens.

In April you may have found that your course has changed a little bit or a lot. In May, you’ll be focusing more on how to take new steps forward. The seeds have been planted and now it’s about really opening up and truly allowing new thoughts and ideas to enter your mind. There’s already a sense of inner peace brewing underneath it all.

Once you get a new idea, you’ll get more ideas on how to make things happen. But you’ll need to take action when prompted and not a minute sooner. It’s important to take each step and not skip over any steps as we often want to do. Who’s not in a hurry to get going with life already?

But you’ll need to move forward when prompted because that’s when things are perfectly lined up for you to proceed. If you try to push forward sooner, you’ll only end up stuck. Everything is a process so remember to stay in the now…even if you can see where the road ahead is ultimately leading you.

Considering we are in a new seven year cycle, we are just getting started so there is plenty of time to accomplish what you set out to do… especially with your new ideas.

The focus in May is to first enjoy the journey. There’s also more peace taking place…inner peace especially for those who are changing trajectories. The reason is because you feel like you’re finally “home” within your true self. And the next seven years has you showing the world exactly who you are and why you’re here.

If April wasn’t as productive for you, it’s ok. You are learning about your true self at a pace that is right for you. But if you look back, you’ll see that something within you has indeed changed for the better. You’ve learned something valuable and that is truly something.

One of the signs I have been receiving is: The End. We are finishing up something and breaking free of the past in some way, shape or form. An old storyline has been completed and that door is now closed. What’s done is done and it’s time to move on. You’ll know exactly what this is because you’ll feel and know it.

Another sign I keep seeing: I keep getting stuck behind Suzie slow pokes. While it’s frustrating, it also means that we are moving forward at a slow and steady pace. There’s no point in trying to rush things so go with the flow. Rushing can put your forward momentum to a halt and no one wants to be stopped anymore. Onwards and upwards…

Dates to watch: May 4, 11, 22, 29, 31. These are dates when you can receive insights, thoughts, ideas and truth about yourself, your journey and what direction to go in. You’ll usually find an uptick in truths from out in the world as well.

Symptoms: Anxiety can be high as you begin to break free of the chains that bind you. Whatever is ending may lead you into fear as you head into the unknown. That anxiety is caused by the fact that you can’t control what’s going on. Breathe knowing it’ll all turn out ok. This newness is actually much better for you because let’s face it, you were literally stuck in your comfort zone. Yet deep down you knew things needed to change. So expect more change.

Also, injuries are showing up…this is to get you to pause about where you’re headed. Or perhaps you need a break. May is pivotal in turning things around on a dime. But it also continues your progress forward.

There will be times when you need to rest. Life is about balancing play, rest and work. Let go of the “all work no play” mentality because it no longer serves a purpose… especially in the new earth.

Keep in mind that we go through cycles where we can be up and happy and then suddenly crash the next day. It’s really more about an energetic balancing act than anything else. So if it feels great and wonderful one day then you crash the next…it’s not about anything that you’re doing per se, it’s about processing the change all the way through the layers.

I’ll be posting on social media throughout the month with updates on what you might expect and how you may be feeling. I would love to hear what you are experiencing as we are all in this together.

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