Suddenly feeling overwhelmed?? Try this…

Photo courtesy of Brittany Colette at Unsplash

Considering how intense the energy has been and continues to be, especially this week…you may want to do some smudging of your home. This is especially true if you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to cope…also known as energy oversaturation.

You see with all of the downloads we take on and process, plus having to go out in the world and pick up what’s in the collective, not to mention what people around us are systematically throwing at us…it’s no wonder we haven’t all short circuited.

If you find yourself feeling any of this try smudging and give it a good 24 hours to really settle in. And drink plenty of water afterwards because as you smudge each room in your house, you’re also cleansing your own energy field. The water helps to release the excess energy and helps clear toxins from the body.

Also coming up…if you’ve just moved or at least within the last few months, be sure to smudge the new place as soon as possible to clear out any old energy from the previous occupants. This is actually a good practice to do monthly. I like to smudge as soon as the month changes but this month I forgot…until today.

As a disclaimer…if you find that you’re still feeling overwhelmed after a few days, you may want to seek treatment with a professional.

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