Week of April 21st

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos at Pixabay

Happy Easter!! 🐰🌷

Today I had already written up about what’s supposed to take place on April 22nd to 23rd energy wise because those were the next dates I had mentioned in my “What you may be feeling in April” report. But I decided to share my latest experiences instead.

You see I’ve had energetic overload a lot this month but especially over the last few days which had really spun me around and caused some anger in me to surface. The reason was because the same old storyline kept coming up…one I was done with but couldn’t see past. It was about relocating.

Over the years I have felt divided between being here and somewhere else. This is likely why I always felt like I was at a crossroads because I thought I was supposed to make a choice which fueled my anger. So I chose to be where my family is because that is what’s important to me. So every time an out of area move cropped up I would get confused wondering why this again. This was obviously my lesson to learn.

You see I’ve been caught up in the scenario that the grass is greener somewhere else for a very long time…also known as “running”. But I finally came to realize that I have everything that I need right here and accepted that. So when this outdated storyline came up again I got upset…like wtf upset because for me it’s not a factor anymore. That was until today when clarity struck me.

There were a few places that I had considered moving to over the years but it didn’t work out for one reason or another. What I learned was that it’s not that I was supposed to move to any of these places but I’m supposed to visit them as part of my journey…to gain more insight and information relevant to my own growth.

Honestly, if the Universe had just told me this a few years ago, it would’ve saved me a lot of BS and aggravation. But then again…I probably wouldn’t be sharing this story with you either. 😲

With this new information, I was able to finally see what steps I’ll be taking and in what direction I’m going to be heading in for the months and years ahead. Which was a huge relief for me. I could now see outside of my tunnel vision…at last…and it wasn’t for lack of trying either. It’s just that I wasn’t meant to piece this altogether until now.

Having said all that, the energy download that is now upon us for the 22nd-23rd is going to bring you clarity about where you’re headed. Now you see where I get my information from.

You will receive yet another piece to your life puzzle this week. And this piece is a game changer, perhaps life altering. This is part of your truth…for we are all learning our truths even if it’s piece by piece.

When things start to make sense there’s a certain feeling that takes place…the fog begins to clear and you feel relief…like a burden has finally been lifted. So if it’s happening for me, it’s likely going to happen for you.

Also as a heads up, I’m going to be making some changes to my website over the coming days to reflect my new direction. We all do these things as we evolve…it’s called honing our craft or fine tuning it.

Enjoy your week! As always, I’ll be on social media with any updates.

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