My high raw food journey has begun

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On April 1st I embarked on a new eating journey…no joke. My decision to eat a high raw diet was based on the fact that my health was tanking even though I was eating a healthy whole foods diet.

But with the persistent hot flashes and estrogen dominance seemingly controlling every system in my body, I knew I had to do something.

Everyday I’d wake up more tired than the last. Feeling cold, bloated, sleep deprived and having trouble with my weight…which has been a lifelong struggle for me. An overall feeling that something isn’t right. It’s just time to change things up because I’m done feeling like this.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in every diet out there from South Beach to the blood type diet. What I’ve learned is I had it all wrong. I used to diet to try to lose weight. Now it’s about making a lifestyle choice that will make me healthy first. The weight will naturally go where it needs to.

By focusing on your health first, you take the pressure off and you’re more likely to stick with the changes that you make. Whereas when you only focus on weight loss, you’ll give up when the scale doesn’t budge.

Since my health keeps throwing challenges at me, I decided to ask my guides for help. When the idea of high raw entered my mind, I knew it’s probably something worth trying. After all, my eating choices are the reason why I’m in this health crisis to begin with. Let me explain.

Since 2007, I have spent more time removing fat and meat from my diet. I was all raw for a year and a half and kept trying to be vegan because I believed in the ethical reasons. And I kept pushing while not listening to my body.

In 2012, the gynecological issues began with simple hyperplasia growing quickly into complex hyperplasia. Now because of an irregular menstrual cycle I am being watched for endometrial cancer.

This is where I thought I could fix it with diet changes. So I went vegan again and the situation was not changing even though it was a very healthy plant based diet. Something was missing….fat. So I increased my avocados and nut butters. But I was also suffering with nutritional deficiencies.

Fast forward to 2019 and I’m still in the same boat only this time my thyroid is off, my immune system has weakened and my digestive system is not working properly. So the idea of going high raw was not exactly exciting to me because of my previous experiences.

However, this high raw diet comes with a twist. I’ve included raw milk from a local farm and make raw yogurt…which I can’t seem to get enough of. (You can read about my raw milk experience here.) Plus it’s a healthy source of fat…which by the way, is starting to keep me warm outside of hot flashes. It’s also good probiotics for the gut too.

This eating regime allows me to include meat, eggs, some grains, healthy carbs and beans…and of course as much raw food as I want. In case you’re wondering my ratios go between 90/10 and 80/20 most days.

I also can’t be bothered to count calories…been there done that already. I don’t want to measure anything on a scale either. I just want to eat to feel better, be healthy and to feel satisfied. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love to eat?!

I start my mornings with a raw whey drink from Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions…half whey, half water, juice of one lemon and a pinch of stevia…it’s supposed to be good for digestion. Along with taking regular supplements of Vitamin D, B12, spirulina and chlorella, and a whole foods multivitamin.

While it’s almost been three weeks, I can tell that a few things have taken place…

  1. my body is starting to feel stronger
  2. my thinking has become a bit clearer
  3. my mind has oddly quieted down
  4. I don’t feel deprived of food
  5. I have lost about three pounds likely due to water retention as the raw food has a cleansing effect.

The point is…you have to find a balance of what works for you. Food was and should be a way to heal. Hippocrates believed food was medicine and I agree. But it can also be your undoing as I found out.

Listen to your body, feed it what it wants and craves. Is it watermelon today? Steak at dinner? Because when you’re aligned with eating what your body truly needs to be nourished, I have found that it opens up a new level of clarity which brought me creativity in the kitchen. Then a feeling of true health and wellness begins to take place.

UPDATE 4-26-2019: After a little over a month, I had to remove raw dairy completely because it started making me tired, caused itchy patches on my skin and was triggering inflammation in my body. This is likely due to a sluggish liver, candida overgrowth (which it was contributing to) and unhealthy gut bacteria. Once I’ve solved these issues, I will revisit and try it again.

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