Do you visit a grave to try to connect to a loved one?

Photo courtesy of Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Walking through a cemetery is one of the quietest places to be. Think about it…it’s only where the human bodies are buried. Their souls have already left their bodies and they live on in your heart. They are with you beyond the grave.

Do you think that they hang out where they were buried? Many people do because you continue to visit the burial plot hoping and wishing for a sign from them signaling that they are ok.

They hang out wherever you and their loved ones are. They return to places that they lived or frequented when they were alive. They show up at their funerals. They visit family and friends. They learn that they are on the other side in a different dimension.

You visit their grave to try to connect with them again. This brings you much grief, sorrow and pain because nothing “appears” to be happening. Yet they are with you in those moments no matter where you experience them.

But you don’t need to go to their gravesite to know that they are watching over you now. That’s because they are always with you…just for the asking. They want to make sure that you are ok with their passing and to help guide you where they can. But are you listening?

Grief can stand in your way of hearing or sensing them. The fact of the matter is you need to celebrate their life…and now…their next adventure in spirit.

Earth is a temporary place where your soul learns about the human experience of emotions, fears and karma. But also love, joy, passion and happiness.

Grief can also bring up fears and regrets. Let it go. Forgive yourself and forgive them. Then listen to your heart. Watch the subtle signs in the air as your loved one learns to communicate with you in new ways from the other side.

Know that they are with you always. For instance…Do you have an important decision to make? Celebrating a milestone, Christmas or your birthday? Yep, they’re with you. Talking to a loved one at night in bed before you fall asleep? Yes, they’re with you, listening and watching and hoping that one day you’ll finally realize that they are truly with you every step of the way.

Some loved ones that have crossed over act as guides. What you don’t realize is that because they are in spirit, they can see everything…even what’s coming up for you.

When spirit wants to get a message across to you, they manage to find a way. But it can come in any shape or form. If you find yourself saying, “Oh that’s odd.” It’s likely a sign.

Perhaps you suddenly crave a special meal and can’t understand why. Then it brings you back to your childhood and a certain loved one. The craving or the idea to have that particular meal is planted in your head by your loved one.

The times that you find yourselves now living in have allowed you to connect more easily to the other side. It’s an energetic connection that you share.

Just as you can finish someone’s sentence or know what they were going to say before they say it is an energetic connection. Spirit works in a similar way. The only difference is humans can just speak to each other. Spirit needs to find ways to connect to humans that work for both of you which isn’t always obvious like cabinet doors slamming or lights flickering.

So don’t feel that your only connection to your loved ones are at the graveyard. They’re not. The connection goes above and beyond the ground and the sky. Simply go about your day and don’t try to push for a sign. It’ll happen and when it does, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Humans can speak to loved ones that have passed knowing that they hear everything that you say to them. Just remember that sometimes they have to learn new ways to communicate with you so stay open to anything and everything. But know that when you think of them, they are right there with you no matter where you are.

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