Are hot flashes and estrogen dominance considered “normal”?

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There are two main women’s health issues that I want to talk about in this article…hot flashes and estrogen dominance. Both of which I’m currently experiencing.

Hot flashes

On social media I had posted that I had found a direct connection between hot flashes and the liver after eating dinner one night. It was mainly because I had over indulged that I became aware of it.

Women have been programmed throughout time to believe that hot flashes are a symptom of menopause and that it’s considered normal. It’s not. Hot flashes are a symptom that your liver is not functioning properly.

Waking up at 4 am sweating or sweating for no reason throughout the day is not fun. Putting deodorant on before bed or going outside in the dead of winter with just a bathrobe on should not be a thing either. But women have accepted this as “normal” because doctors have said so.

Too much power is given away to a community that is trained on an outdated model where greed is the only motivation. Because if you have hot flashes, doctors have a pill for that. If you’ve got mood swings, they can give you something for that too. Got side effects from those pills? Well they’ve got more pills to give you so that you’ll keep coming back for more and they’ll keep earning kickbacks ahem… money.

“It’s illegal to give kickbacks to a doctor to prescribe drugs, but it is legal to give money to doctors to help promote your drug. Some doctors make tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year beyond their normal practice just for working with the industry.”

Sadly it’s very difficult to put trust and faith in someone that can’t think outside the box. So you’re left with trying to solve the problem yourself…which is where I’m at now.

Estrogen dominance

Not only are hot flashes a problem but so is estrogen dominance as it can wreck havoc on every system in the body. This is an even bigger problem in the conventional medical community because they simply aren’t trained to ask why it’s happening or what’s causing it.

Yet many women suffer the consequences because of the doctors lack of knowledge or their unwillingness to get to the bottom of it. As a result, women start having gynecological issues like complex hyperplasia…which has to be monitored so it doesn’t turn into cancer because the high estrogen causes the cells to grow. Sadly, most doctors offer a hysterectomy as the only option.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of endometrial cancer cases are attributed to either an excess of estrogen or lack of progesterone — an imbalance between these two hormones.27 Too much estrogen and too little progesterone can result in the former promoting endometrial cancer cell growth through direct and indirect regulation of gene transcription.

My story

To be fair, my doctor initially offered progesterone in pill form. But having estrogen dominance has made me sensitive to pretty much everything. Anything I’ve taken always has side effects so I don’t take it. I had to remove gluten and pasteurized dairy too because I suffered from upper respiratory reactions shortly after consuming it.

I did try the Mirena IUD and that was a BIG mistake. For four months I knew it was in there as it reminded me each and everyday. Then I got to the point where I was wanting to lash out irrationally. What did my doctor offer me? Medication. Then I ended up with an infection from the IUD and told her to take it out.

So from her standpoint a hysterectomy was the only option left on the table. Instead of getting my hormones tested and trying to figure out why it’s happening she chose the “slice and dice” method as the end all be all. I said no.

Unfortunately, trying to get my primary care to send me to an endocrinologist was an epic fail as I know I have thyroid issues on top of it. Instead she referred me back to my OB/GYN doctor who flat out told me I was wasting my money by using bio-identical progesterone cream.


Yes, I read Dr. John Lee’s book titled “What your doctor may not tell you about premenopause” because I was out of options and I knew there was a better way. And based on his advice I knew this would be a good option for me.

While it initially appeared to work as one or two symptoms did disappear, it just wasn’t a high enough dose at 20 mg a day.

“Although the progesterone has helped you in other areas, I don’t believe you are using enough. All the successful studies have used between 100-200mg/day, so I would suggest you increase the dose, you should find this helps.”

I have found a wealth of information from the Progesterone Therapy website. I’ve also seen instances on the same site where people use up to 300-400 mg a day. But do your research.

And let me add that simply adding progesterone isn’t going to solve all of your problems…even though you secretly hope that it does.

When estrogen dominance takes over all systems in your body…

  • when it starts to cause yeast infections that you’ve never had before,
  • when it deprives you of sleep,
  • when your adrenals become exhausted because of all of the stress,
  • when your body can no longer fight off colds and illness,
  • when you bloat beyond belief because your digestive system isn’t functioning properly,
  • when your hands swell up because you’re retaining water,
  • when your body is sensitive to every single smell on the planet,
  • when you have to remove all kinds of foods because your respiratory and immune system reacts,
  • when you’re cold all of the time when you’re not hot flashing…you literally have to become proactive with your diet and lifestyle.

I’m also feeling as though there is a strong gut connection to all of this. If the gut bacteria isn’t balanced and your liver can’t get rid of excess estrogen, then something has to be done to change it to become healthy again.

And this is where I’m at on my journey. I’m taking back my power by eating high raw and by increasing my progesterone dosage on my own because I refuse to succumb to a broken healthcare system. And I will not stop until I find my answers. And when I do…I’m publishing them for all the world to see because the way I see it…hot flashes and estrogen dominance are not “normal”.

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