Are you caught in a road block?

Photo courtesy of Studina_73 in Pixabay

With all of the road blocks I’ve been hitting lately trying to get things done, it has just occurred to me that this has everything to do with the moving into a new energetic space that I’ve mentioned previously.

So many people are transitioning dimensions, or at least trying to, all at once.

If things have not been smooth sailing lately it’s because you’re literally blocked from moving forward into that space.

The old way of thinking was to just try to go around it or somehow plow through it. But when you’ve got a herd of sheep hogging up the entire road, you can’t just drive over the grass to get to the other side.

The new way of thinking insists that you let it go until the time is right. Trying to force your way through a road block only delays the trip because it causes anger and frustration. This lowers your vibration and dims your light.

The reason behind it all…the space simply isn’t ready yet. From my March Energy Report:

“This means that many will be holding in their old space for a bit longer while your new space is being upgraded and made ready for you to move into it.

It won’t be long now before this next phase takes place. The space is not occupied, it sits empty waiting for you. But because it’s gaining some new perks…you need to wait for it to be completed before you can enter it.”

This is likely causing aggravation which makes you want to be done with it all. That’s why in my “What you may be feeling in April” report I talk about rest…a lot…because that’s all you can do.

So when it feels like nothing is happening…in actuality, you’re simply waiting for things to line up so that you can move into your new space. Once the door opens…it’s all systems go. Yet you’ll get glimpses of what that new space will look like. It’s a tease really.

That explains the teetering back and forth between old and new and the legitimate and constant roadblocks. No matter what you do you simply can’t get around the block. You have to wait and see how it plays out knowing that it’s forthcoming. Trust in the process.

Not sure when the space will open up but if I receive any information on that, you’ll be the first to know.

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