What you may be feeling in April

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Recently I posted that I was no longer doing monthly energy reports so that I could focus more on the daily and weekly energies instead. But what I’m finding out is that I need to get into the new month in order to energetically feel what’s going on.

Having said that, instead of calling it an “energy report“, I’m going to call it “what you may be feeling”. I find a lot of people haven’t realized that they are affected by energies yet so this is easier to relate to.

So let’s get started at what you may be feeling in April…


For some people it feels as if you’ve reached a fork in the road. The question you’re pondering is….do you keep driving down the same road or do you take the road that leads to an unknown destination?

The unknown can be scary because you don’t know what’s going to happen as you have no control over the outcome. And you don’t know if it’s going to hurt you or not. That’s the fear rising up from within.

Yet the unknown has the potential to deliver opportunities that you haven’t even thought of at this point. It can make you blissfully happy. Isn’t that what you want deep down…to be happy?

Remember the theme for this year is to try something different. So take a chance. Try the unknown and see where it leads you. You never know what amazing thing(s) awaits you.

April can be pretty intense at times. Although since the 1st it’s been a real challenge. It’s difficult when you’re trying to accomplish something and you keep hitting roadblocks. These are meant to either slow you down or get you to change things up.

For instance, I’m in the process of changing banks and I keep getting stopped when it comes to me having anything to do with the place. While the people are friendly and they handled a pretty big snafu very well…it’s just rather odd. So I began to question whether I should be dealing with this bank at all. My next thought was to sleep on it knowing that this will play out as it needs to.


People are easily triggered which means that those that are sensitive can pick up on any number of symptoms… including feeling like “giving up”.

So if this rings true for you, know that we are going through another massive shift. It is also causing feelings of depression, lack of clarity or connection, anger, not knowing where you belong, wondering why you are here or if there’s something better than this, getting the “not seeing the point so why bother” feelings and a general overall feeling of being done and tired. This is what happens during an energetic shift… actually it’s more like a wave.

It’s rough, it’s intense and yet you want to start something new but feel like you can’t. You may be ready to soar in the morning and need a nap by afternoon. So the best thing to do is rest for now…binge watch something on Netflix and just lay low. Because the problem is many people don’t realize what’s happening.

So what’s really happening? We are taking in another massive influx of light. When the light comes in it shines on the dark which then reveals things that have been hidden from your view. It reveals your truth. And it’s not just you it’s everyone everywhere.

Some people are seeing their truth for the very first time. While others are seeing more truth. And you can be seeing truth from out in the world. Any of these truths can trigger reactions…often fear. Those reactions are what sensitive people pick up on. So if you know you don’t feel this way, realize that you’ve picked it up from the collective.

You also have to try to remember that this is only temporary. When things start kicking back at you as they did for me, it’s time to just lay low and rest until it passes.

There are also a bunch of people that are plain ole tired right down to their core. It’s important that if you’re one of these people that you do everything in your power to get the much needed rest. It’s time for you now.

Learn to say no and only do things that allow for simplicity in your life. Don’t try to struggle or force something to happen. When you are rested enough, things will happen. Until then…sleep, take a vacation, rest and only do the things that bring you joy, peace and tranquility…. including naps.

You may also feel as though you are straddling the old and the new. Something may be drawing you back and then you move forward right afterwards. This will be quite common this month especially as we head towards the middle and end of the month.

Pay particular attention to how you feel when you’re outside then how you feel when you’re inside at home. Home is where your sacred space is…it should feel like your safe haven. If it doesn’t, it’s time to break out the sage and smudge. This is something you should be doing on a monthly basis anyways since the energies can be really intense at times.

You will also have moments of bliss…when things literally line up perfectly. Just be aware that we go through cycles where we can be up and happy and then suddenly crash the next day. It’s really more about an energetic balancing act than anything else.

And if that wasn’t enough you may also be rebooting some things in your life now. You may restart a project, rethink what you learned during Mercury retrograde, go in a new direction, start a new relationship, find a business partner or start a new job, etc.

April is a month of taking a new step forward. Just keep in mind that as you do that, the energy needs to balance out around it. So if it feels great and wonderful one day then you crash the next…it’s not about anything that you’re doing per se, it’s about processing the change all the way through the layers.

That one step you take forward has a ripple effect out into the world and as such it needs to be grounded or rooted…that’s why the sudden crash. But you’ll notice that after a few days it passes and you begin again.

DATES to watch for your truth appearing: 4th, 11th, 12th, 22nd, 23rd and 30th.

I’m anticipating another light surge on the 11th so you may feel agitated again and off your game. The 12th will feel a lot different so wait that out.

As for the intense moments, they don’t typically last all that long…a few days and then there’s a reprieve. Better days are always ahead…you can almost feel the excitement trying to burst through the mud.

As always I’ll be updating on social media as the month goes on.

*Understand that if any of these symptoms linger for any length of time, it’s best to seek out treatment with the appropriate professional.

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