Looking for a love connection?

Photo courtesy of Steve Halama on Unsplash

Big reveals are popping up today. This is likely something that you need in order to move forward. It’s something you know you’ve needed but haven’t quite admitted it to yourself….that is until now.

It’s become quite clear that something major has to happen. Perhaps it’s love. Maybe you can’t do it alone anymore. This is especially true for any of you that have been alone for a very long time.

All of those who have been cooped up in life, taken out of the relationship circles for years, perhaps longer…are about to head into new territory. The door is opening up for you. The question is…will you walk through it? Will you allow it into your life?

Of course you’re likely jumping up and down saying YES!! But there is a caveat….you need to know who is right for you and who isn’t. You can’t just give your heart to the first one that comes along. It needs to feel right on all levels.

If someone presents themselves to you and then you find out they’re married…well that’s not a good fit. Move on. Do not settle because you’ve lacked in the love department. The right one for you will show up as long as you say no to all the wrong ones.

In April you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go your own way. Know your heart and your feelings. Know when you’re taking on someone else’s feelings because that can stop the flow. But then again, you’ll know when you know.

April will simply show you that anything is possible but be choosey because you can. Where there’s one connection turned away, another one will follow.

Yes, the relationships you encounter now will have a much deeper connection. They will have sparks, electricity and even a connection to your soul. It might feel fated or feel like divine intervention. While that is true, it’s also part of your plan.

So get ready because spring is in full bloom and so is love for so many looking to make a love connection.

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