The trending identity crisis

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In recent months, several of the most prominent vegan YouTubers have announced they are eating animal products, setting off a torrent of online outrage and abuse…”

“I’ve been vegan for a long time and I think a part of me wanted to believe in this diet so much—because I had such a strong ethical connection to it—that I was turning a blind eye to my problems and to the severity of my health issues,” Bonny Rebecca said in the video. “This was a huge slap in the face for me.”

I have mentioned this several times this year about people going through an identity crisis.

What’s really happening is people are becoming aware of and facing their truths. And part of that means letting go of who you thought you were because it’s not who you are.

Ironically this is showing up in a really big way amongst the vegan community. Of course it’s not just limited to what you eat…it’s about facing your truth as far as your health goes, the work that you do, the people you associate with, the place that you live, your beliefs and even your faith.

People are starting to realize that what they are doing now is not working for them. What they are feeling is something very different on the inside versus the illusionary life they are living on the outside.

You see, on January 31st everyone received a massive push forward to the New Earth. That means…from that moment on…literally everyone has been effected by this surge towards your truth. This is both an awakening and a transformation.

It feels like a massive push from within. You’ll feel compelled to be authentic and if you aren’t, you’ll feel the consequences of it. This is why so many are suddenly making drastic changes in their lives.

We are quite literally in “truth time”. So if you’re one person on the inside and a different person on the outside (which is an identity crisis), you are being pushed into becoming the real you….the one you’ve hidden from the world.

If you don’t take the necessary action by being and living in your truth, your truth may boomerang back in unexpected ways. As so many are beginning to find out.

Of course fear can very easily stand in your way. The trick to getting past the fear is to quit worrying about what others are going to think of you. Be happy that you finally have the courage to be yourself.

This is also about finding your balance. It’s about taking back your power because you’ve been giving it away out of fear.

The fear is evident in those that have a big social media presence. They are afraid of what their followers are going to think of them because they’ve built their platform on an illusion…an illusion that they believed in until their truth started forcing them to become honest with themselves. So they believe that they stand to lose more which is why they hold off on telling their truth.

Yet what doesn’t help is the judgment and backlash that follow. So let’s all have some compassion and be supportive of them. Let’s be thankful that people are finally waking up to their truths. This ultimately brings about joy and happiness because you are free to be yourselves.

Be who you came here to be. Quit hiding behind false pretenses and quit worrying about what other people will think of the real you. Because the more that you allow others to dictate your truth, the unhappier you will be.

The New Earth has entry requirements and as such, you must solve your identity crisis by being honest and truthful with yourself and those around you. When you can live authentically…you will finally know peace.

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