Cars in dreams

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Have you ever had a dream that involved a car in some way? Perhaps you were driving it, a passenger in it or kicking it because it broke down.

Cars represent your journey…the path that you are presently on. They can take you to where you need to go and they can stop you dead in your tracks.

If you’re driving the car then you are in control of your journey. Having passengers often means that you are taking others with you to show or teach them something.

If you are a passenger in a car that someone else is driving can mean one of two things. Either you are allowing this person to dictate your life choices or you’re merely teaching them how to drive the car in their life.

Pay attention to the details of the dream. Is the car in motion or is it stopped? What are the weather conditions? Is it smooth sailing or are you trying to climb a hill? Does it have enough fuel or did it run out of gas? These are all clues to what’s happening for you right now.

For instance, a dream that I just had showed the car that I was driving was unable to make it up the hill. While waiting for someone to help me could’ve been an option, there was absolutely no one around so I had to abandon it. I then heard myself saying that I need a new car. This likely means that I need a new path…it’s time for change. It’s time for something different.

There are the dreams where you’re driving down a snowy and/or icy hill and can’t stop. There are dirt roads and paved roads. There are other people that you may encounter outside of the car.

When you wake up from having any dream, you should always jot down everything you can remember so that you don’t forget it later on. As the day goes on, you may find that certain parts of the dream begin to click and make sense.

You see when you’re asleep, your mind is not cluttered with fears and filters from your beliefs. It’s actually wide open to accepting that which you cannot see.

This is why I tell people that when you’re facing a situation that needs a decision or a choice to be made to “sleep on it”. “Sleeping on it” can allow for clarity to come through. Great ideas are often born from our waking dreams as well.

The fact that a car has shown up in your dream means you need to be aware of something in your life. Perhaps something or someone is blocking you, or maybe you’ve simply run out of gas…meaning it’s time to rest and refuel.

Your life is a journey to finding out your truth and ultimately your purpose. So much can get in the way of you being you. Your dreams, whether about cars or not, can simply alert you to much needed information…perhaps something you’ve overlooked or simply aren’t seeing.

Just remember to keep a journal next to your bed and immediately jot down your dreams. And if a car shows up tonight, you’ll know it’s about the path that you are presently on.

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