Your truth is coming out

Photo courtesy of Mike Goad on Pixabay

Recently I was reminded that some people have chosen to take the long way around on their journey while others have taken a more direct route. No matter which choice you’ve made, it is the right choice for you. Which brings me to a recent dream I had.

This was about someone from my past trying to get me to remove my “comments” about him online. I didn’t actually post anything but the message is clear. The “comments” was his truth and he didn’t want to see it. Nor did he want the world to see and know it either. Yet…it’s all coming out anyways.

Yes, whether you like it or not your truth is coming out. Some people don’t want to see it. Perhaps you’re not ready to but it will keep showing up until you do. Yet what you choose to do in the moment is entirely up to you.

It’s like flowers that start to poke through the earth in spring. Some people notice that they’re there while others walk right on by unphased by it’s beauty.

The rest of that dream…he tried to get me to go online and sign into the website to remove the “comments”. Yet I couldn’t remember the login credentials.

Then I said if he’s got $450-$950 to give me…then I’ll remove it and move out. But he didn’t have the money. Suddenly someone showed up and handed me a check for $50. I had left the room and came back to him smoking a cigarette and I started coughing.

What’s funny is that I am clearly in his space making him very uncomfortable because I know and see his truth and he doesn’t want to. But those that don’t want to face their realities will do anything to try to make it go away. Even if that worked, it would just show up in another way courtesy of the Universe.

It’s the ole “you can run but you can’t hide” adage. Of course you can certainly try. The fact is…this is part of your plan. Before you arrived here you chose when your truth would show up for you. But since you have free will you can make whatever decisions you want. It will just get increasingly harder to ignore.

As we head into the Spring Equinox, which is another massive push forward, and beyond…more truths will continue to arise but the question is…how will you choose to see it?

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