Light vs dark update

Photo courtesy of Foto Rabe on Pixabay

Yesterday I was using my food processor that is only three years old and it started leaking from the bottom of it.

Now normally it only does that from the top if I put too much liquid in it. So it made a little bit of a mess and suddenly I realized what this meant on a much grander scale.

This means that all of humanity is about to break through a massive barrier. And while I could see the crack in the bowl, this has been brewing for quite some time.

The barrier has to do with consciousness and awareness. This means that there will be so much more light and energy on the planet than ever before. This is truly exciting.

Let’s refresh about how this all happens. As people begin to awaken on their journey, they begin to see their truths. They start to let go of illusions and fears and they begin to see things for what they truly are.

This helps you expand your awareness to allow more light in. The more light that you carry, the more you can see in the dark. The dark being fear, lies and things that aren’t true. They can be things that have been hidden from view because you weren’t ready to see them.

While this not only happens with truths about you, it happens with those around you and out in the world.

It’s the old lighthouse in the fog scenario. When you’re in the darkness you need a beacon of light to help show you the way. Then you essentially get your own light and help guide others.

Remember that light is truth and dark is fear and lies. The light will always shine on the darkness yet whether anyone wants to see it or not is their choice.

Keep in mind that we are in a spiritual war. It’s all about light vs dark and good vs evil. You are here specifically to assist in this battle.

This massive breakthrough happening within the next few days means that more and more people are choosing the light. So much so that I feel as if there is a lot more light than dark now. And this is how this breakthrough has happened.

Congratulations to everyone participating because not everyone will. But you’ve done it! The light is winning and the Universe wants you to know how much progress you have made. Even if you can’t quite see it yet, your efforts have made a huge difference.

With this massive breakthrough comes another seismic shift forward to the new earth. 2019 really is turning out to be quite the amazing year. And there is so much more greatness up ahead. We are just getting started. 😊

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